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It's better to WONDER Than worry....

Wonder Dolls

are descendants of

Worry Dolls

because it's better to Wonder than to Worry

I wonder

I wonder

I wonder

what could this mean?

something I haven't thought of

somewhere I've never been..

I wonder I wonder I wonder

what could be the meaning of this?

Remember: assigning a meaning too fast

can crudely cause you to… Continue

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Reflections on the Last Daze of Summer Festival

First of all, my sincere apologies for not posting pictures from the event, some pictures will be coming from a wandering photographer but I'll have to wait until they are sent.

I arrived on Thursday afternoon, met with Eric the Arts Director and James, the co-ordinator. I was quickly led to my spot amongst the vendors and was very happy to see some of my favorite people from String Fling had already arrived. Around there I'm known as the Art guy. I set up my tent and got busy.… Continue

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Besides selecting a solid, grounded, stable company to join in business and a viable, marketable product – the critical or break point in your business will hinge on the depth, span and success of your marketing. Every business requires a steady customer base and methods to generate new customers and business partners.

Today, many people are getting into business more so then ever before, and this is commendable. I applaud you all. The internet as a marketing and… Continue

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We are into another fast moving week! The news headlines are somewhat gloomy with all the economic pressures that people are dealing with. Today, I spoke with a 57 year old, wonderful woman. She was in tears describing to me her job of the past 20 years, from which she was just let go. I felt awful for her, not so much because she was laid off, but because she has no Plan B in place. Her Plan A (job) is now in shambles, and without a Plan B working for… Continue

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A Peaceful Solution- Impeachment

I just recorded a version of Willie and Amy Nelson's "A Peaceful Solution" for Liz and Jay at the Willie Nelson Peace Research Institute and as usual, my vision of impeachment dominated the process.

Many claim that impeachment is either "off the table" or "too late". I say BULLSHIT! The entire administration should be impeached, investigated and… Continue

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Last Daze of Summer Festival This Weekend!

Hey my friends are throwing a big festival in Sterling, NY this weekend. I'll be doing some art installations. The music is hot, the venue is beautiful and the people are wonderful. I'll be on-site early to help set up.

for more information go to:

see you there!

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Re Infinity Crop Circle and MyPeaceTV on 8.8.08

Maggi Moon wrote that they all went into the figure 8 infinity crop circle that appeared/was reported on 8/8/08... then she went back alone to spend the night in it:

" I went again to the figure 8 crop circle and spent the night awake and aware of the stars freezing trying to get warm but not minding at the same time felt like an 6am the sun came up and warmed me enough to sleep till 9am then I got up and walked the entire formation which I hadn't before when here… Continue

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WomenRise for Global Peace: MATRIOT DAY


MATRIOT DAY: September 10 ( California Santa Cruz' Mayor Reilly's Proclamation can be read here:

Matriot Day heralds in: 11 Days of Global Unity:

culminating in Peace the 21st


When energy is rising, songs will too...

Thus I…

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Fell Right In

A narrow dock, wet with morning dew, jutted in a southeasterly direction fifty feet into the still misting waters. The sun was low and burning through morning fog above. An instructor stood at the end of the dock directing us on our goals for the day and things to remember when in the water. We were cold, and still half asleep.

As the voice of the instructor turned into tuba notes in my head I turned around to face the water. The sun broke through the clouds and began to play off the… Continue

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My book is out, "Reality Creation 101" is now available on amazon!

Thanks for your interest and feedback, I'm very happy to announce my book is on amazon now.

Here is the link:

Christopher A. Pinckley, cpt

Added by Christopher Pinckley on August 22, 2008 at 10:26pm — 2 Comments

Emotional Pain/Emotional Evolution

Emotions do not create pain, right? Rather, it is our resistance to emotions that actually creates the pain. In other words, if you were to experience your emotions fully, with no resistance, not one fiber of contraction in your entire body, then you would experience something entirely different when a strong emotion came up.

For example, anger. The emotion, of itself, is entirely natural and good. Anger is good. Period. It empowers you to take action, to stand up for yourself,… Continue

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Creating your day/taking responsibility for your day

So, you want to be a master creator huh?

Well, you can do it. But, are you really ready to take responsibility for every single thing that you are putting out into the ethers of the Universe? If you answer yes than you are on your way to becoming a Master. You could even say, with clarity, that this is the very first question that a Master must ask and answer within themselves before they accept the challenge of Mastery.

A lot of people fantasize… Continue

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Deserving and worthiness

What heights would we soar to if we knew that we were deserving and worthy of having/doing/being whatever we wanted to have/do/be?

The most rampant issue amongst the would be spiritual seeker/practitioner, by far, is that of deserving and worthiness.

I mean, would the world not already be completely transformed if all of the amazing souls on the spiritual path felt as if they were deserving and worthy of creating whatever they wanted in… Continue

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Your life as a garden

If your life was a garden and your attention was the water, how would you tend your garden? Well, I have an idea about that...

In this metaphor, the trick is to remember that you cannot use force to cultivate a garden, you must use power. So, how do we get rid of the weeds in our garden? Rememeber that our attention is the water of life, so you must not water the weeds. In fact, any attempt to pull up the weeds will only make them stronger because you are now actively giving your… Continue

Added by Christopher Pinckley on August 21, 2008 at 2:10pm — 1 Comment

Abundance&Prosperity or EconomicDownturn&Limitation

I choose Abundance and Prosperity, just speaking for myself.

What if it really all was just an illusion? What if it was, sort of you know, like a game? What if all we really came here to do was learn, grow, and create what we want?

I asked myself these questions amongst others.

I asked myself, "Well, what about the state of the Earth? What about the starving children? What about wars, famine, and plague? What about the dwindling oxygen supply in the… Continue

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Hello gang,

Brad Yates and I have created a new addition to the BodyBeyondBelief program called "Ripped". It's an intensive hour of body fat cutting, lean muscle building, getting motivated EFT to accelerate your fitness progress.

Just a reminder, what I have found to be true with many things in life, I have also found to be true with EFT. You need to do it consistently to achieve the results that you want. And, the more you do it, the more ingrained your new behaviors and… Continue

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Letter to a friend

Recently, a dear friend of mine forwarded a bunch, what was to her, terrifying information. A friend of hers forwarded her a conversation between two "spiritual" folks talking about 2012 and other things. In my opinion, there was nothing of value in this forwarded conversation. It was mostly fear based stuff that would lead you to believe that the fate of the world is in the hands of darkness. The following is my letter back to her...

Ok, so I'm being pulled back here to… Continue

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Release, Let Go, and Allow

Fear, suspicion, and doubt are the primary weapons of the ego. The ego uses these tools as a means for separation, which is it's means for survival. If you were to integrate yourself into Oneness, there would be no more ego. It knows this and thus utilizes your own emotional wounds and limiting beliefs to keep certain people, places, and events at bay.

Instead of looking at the world through fearful, suspicious eyes, try creating one day this week from a heart centered place of love… Continue

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Elusive Paradise

In this elusive paradise



and sacrifice


silent device

and all the fears are brought to fore

before the tears can hit the floor

Slam doors

y nada ventana

No space to make the dreams come true

cause for all the things I try ta do

it's not the time

And there's no reason but in the rhyme

There's no proper season

just the passage of time

My watch is broken

scattered over… Continue

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The days fly so fast. Time never stands still, does it? We look back and assess our efforts of the past few days and some are pleased, many are ‘wishing’ they had done more. Wishing they had spent more time on their business, perhaps more time with the family, with friends, with the community, church…. There is something to be said for making each day count, because time ‘waits for no man’ they say. It moves on surely and methodically. In fact frighteningly so predictable… None of us can… Continue

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