A few years ago I purchased a book called "The Message That Comes From Everywhere" by Gary L. Beckwith. If you like the idea of exploring life's interconnectedness, and the unifying themes that are shared by the world's religions and modern science, then I think you'll like this book :). After I first read it, I emailed Gary and thanked him for his work. We exchanged a few emails of gratitude, and continued on our paths. Neither of us knew that years later I would contact him to let him know that I was spreading the word about his book on MyPeace.TV, through the InterFaith Unity Group. Gary checked out the website and was immediately impressed. Then he and I worked out a partnership to help share the book with as many people as possible. One reason I want to share this book is because it points to Oneness (the Oneness of all that is seen and unseen). I was deeply inspired to see how widely expressed the awareness of our Oneness has been by the mystics of various religions, AND by the quantum physicists of our time. This book inspired me to keep asking questions, to keep evolving and to be more aware of the many ways that Oneness is celebrated. As as student of Oneness, I'm happy to recommend it :). Enjoy!


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Comment by Oliver Bulfango on December 7, 2008 at 10:47pm
This will be the next book I pickup. I have the same ideals as what was mentioned so far about the book. Considering that humanity is so spread apart on Earth, there are different cultures of which one society can portray whom the supreme being is. At the same time, there is no right way to understand who this supreme being is. It's all about perspective. And breaking away from the bias of what one was taught through the growth of that individual would only show a greater understanding of the world's perspective. It is the collective consciousness of the entire world that has the same message. I have a few more books to read first, however. Once I'm caught up, I'll pick it up.


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