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Help Yaron fight Long Covid

Hi Everyone,
As some of you know, I’ve been struggling with chronic illness for over 22 months. It's been a very difficult time, and has also become a financial burden on my parents, who I moved back in with in 2017 to help my dad beat stage 4 lung cancer. Thankfully, he is in 100% remission and is doing well. For the past several years I’ve been renting the basement and have been able to help my…

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Yaron on Spotify

Hey Everyone…

Do you use Spotify? I just created a music page there. I invite you to check it out and add me to your playlist. :) 

Although I'm still dealing with challenging symptoms from Long Covid  something I've been…


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Celebrating 10 Years of MyPeace.TV

When we share stories of healing, of destructive cycles being broken, of solutions being created; it has a ripple effect that cannot be measured. 

Whether we share examples of people beating cancer…

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Some Thoughts About Our Great Potential

Dear Friends and Peacemakers,

I recently posted these thoughts about the great potential we have to break destructive cycles in our world:

Please share if you are inspired to. 

With Love and Gratitude,


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Peace… Shalom… Salaam….

I recently posted these thoughts about the potential for peace in the Middle East and the World. 

Please read and share if you're inspired to. 



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New Song: "Namaste" by Yaron

Vocals/Lyrics: Yaron

Guitar: Mic Aahh

(C) 2013 MyPeace Media LLC



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Today is MyPeace.TV's 5th year Anniversary!


Today, 8/8/13, is MyPeace.TV's 5th year anniversary! Whether you signed up on 8/8/08 or just recently, Thank You for being here!! 

A lot of wonderful content has been shared over the years, and today we are inspired to feature some of our all-time favorite original videos posted by MP…


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An Awesome Resource...

Hey Everyone...

As someone who is passionate about finding and sharing media content that serves our highest good, individually and collectively, I am very happy to let you know about an Awesome online/mobile resource for conscious media, offering over 5,000 streaming video titles in numerous categories. Although I've occasionally been able to find some constructive content through my cable company, MyPeace.TV's new affiliate…


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I must admit...

I must admit, I've had many moments in which I felt very pessimistic about the direction humanity is heading. However, those moments have been greatly outweighed by the optimism I feel from witnessing people's incredible ability to break destructive cycles, evolve, and grow toward a much more loving, compassionate and holistic way of being. For this, I am deeply moved, inspired and thankful. ♥…


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Martin Luther King Jr.'s message to Occupy Wall Street

If Martin Luther King Jr. was here today, what would he say to all who support the Occupy Wall Street movement? What specific goal would he want us to focus on the most? Among the many ideas for economic justice and equality, there is one specific solution that MLK strongly supported. Referred to in different ways, this idea has often been called the Basic Income Guarantee (BIG), an income unconditionally given to all on an individual basis, ensuring that…


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New Song: 'With the Potential' by Yaron

Released on 11-11-11 

With the Potential by YARON - created with producer/musician DJ HA and featuring Ray Pirre on guitar.



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Breaking the Cycle

Peacemakers and Friends, 


With news of Osama Bin Laden's death, many people feel safer and that justice was served. I can understand that, and do not judge anyone for feeling this way. Yet, I cannot help but question... What is humanity's potential to break the cycle of extreme violence? What can we do to achieve this potential? And how do we set constructive examples for the world's children?…


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Existence and God

It's interesting how words can mean different things to different people. One person may say "I don't believe in God, but I know there is existence." Another may say "I know there is existence, and to me.. all of existence, all that is seen and unseen, is God."

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Dear Peacemakers and Friends,

Today we are happy to re-feature "Peace", a fun and uplifting music video shared by Luminaries.…


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Dear Peacemakers and Friends,

Today we are happy to feature a few videos, including:


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Dear Peacemakers,

Today we're happy to feature 2 inspirational music videos from completely different genres:…


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John Lennon and 10-10-10

Dear Peacemakers,

In celebration of John Lennon's birthday, we're happy to feature "Voices for John Lennon" , a video of people sharing their thoughts about him, and why they feel there should be an official John Lennon day to celebrate his message of peace and love.

Also, tomorrow is 10-10-10 and people all over the globe are choosing to unify in a mass meditation/prayer for peace. Many are…

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Shakira explores Humanity's Potential...

Dear Peacemakers,

We recently stumbled across this moving and thought provoking speech by Shakira. Many people know her as a world famous singer, but she's also a very passionate philanthropist, humanitarian, and advocate for universal education. I was very inspired by her speech, and hope you're inspired as well.

With Love and Gratitude,

Yaron and The MyPeace.TV Team …


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Peace Events Worldwide

Dear Peacemakers,

Every year, this week in September is blessed with more and more wonderful events for peace. As many of you know, September 21st is recognized as the International Day of Peace, and although every day can be thought of as a day for peace, on 9/21 we're reminded to be the change we'd like to see, and celebrate our great potential as a human family. From 9/17 to 9/21 we're featuring the Peace Day…

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Peace, Shalom, Salaam.

Dear Peacemakers,

Today we are featuring 2 short, but very powerful videos:

A Muslim Firefighter who responded on 9/11 describes his experience

and People of different faiths speak about what they have in common

With love to all...

Peace, Shalom, Salaam,
The MyPeace.TV Team

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‎"Why should there be hunger and deprivation in any land, in any city, at any table, when man has the resources and the scientific know-how to provide all mankind with the basic necessities of life?"
~Martin Luther King, Jr.



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