Join the Revolution - The Real One This Time

Congress is doing what it was directed to do: Shift wealth upwards, strip workers rights, protect the Church, grow the Military Industrial Complex and be the well behaved little lap dogs of Wall Street lobbyists.  The PR wing of the Billionaire Boys Club, aka "The President" continues to make moving speeches while the privileged few are laughing all the way to the bank, that you bailed out and they own. What's everybody so up in arms about?  Did we think it would be different this time?


I must confess, I believed in the speeches about the "Change We Need".  And I still do.  But now the voices that resonate aren't coming from a candidate but from the "mic check" of the heroic huddled occupiers - camped out at Zucotti Park and in parks all across America.


So now some of us are declaring Revolution.  But history has shown us that a revolution which does not include a shift in consciousness yields fairly predictable results.   We go around in circles as history painfully repeats itself.


True revolution begins within.  I'm talking about an inward personal revolution in consciousness. To embark on such a thing is in itself a revolutionary act. And when the consciousness of the individual is in a revolutionary state, one's words and actions reflect that.


What does it mean to embark on an inward revolution?  It means you come to the realization that most of your thoughts are the product of conditioning which came from a society organized around making sure you do not wake up.  It means that you start to question absolutely EVERYTHING.


Radical self inquiry is radical revolution.  Any attempt to change the outside world without an understanding, a deep and very real understanding of the inward - of one's very consciousness - is just more of what we have inherited.  We go in circles.  We find that we end up where we began.  We are prisoners rioting for better prison conditions.  Nothing changes when that which seeks change does not know itself.


The way in which we are living is no longer sustainable.  The status quo is a death certificate for the entire human race.  Political solutions are a joke.


Nothing is more of a threat to the current power structure than an individual or a population who is becoming Self Realized.  The worldwide #Occupy movement is not only a political cause, but also represents a shift in the collective consciousness.  We have stopped being little children being put to sleep while the fat cats entertain us with sock puppet shows of Good Cop (D) versus Bad Cop (R).  We are finally starting to wake up to the fact that these are the right and left hands of the same monster - and we have a choice to stop the show from going on and write a better script.  We must, as the future of this great reality show called "Human Civilization" depends on it.  


The Revolution works on many dimensions of reality.  Commit yourself to it and commit yourself to it completely.



Eric Allen Bell




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