The truth is the answer to every problem that ever has and ever will exist, and if we look at the state of the world today, it's pretty obvious that we are quite unaware of what the truth actually is.

Why is it that we're so unaware of the truth? Because:

1. We don't want it.

2. We think we already know it.

3. "The design of the human mind renders it intrinsically incapable of being able to tell truth from falsehood." - David Hawkins

With this understanding it's no wonder we have so many problems in the world despite all of our efforts to do what we think and believe is best.

What we think and believe in our minds determines our actions, and so, the state of the world, and it's problems, are a perfect reflection of the thought processes of the people that inhabit it. The world's problems cannot be solved by trying to fix the mere results, symptoms, outcomes and effects of our thought processes. It's the THOUGHT PROCESSES themselves that must be changed.

In other words, every individual has to change oneself in order to change the world. Rather than thinking that others need to change themselves to suit your opinions, you must change yourself, that attitude, and those opinions. World peace cannot be forced upon anyone because force only creates more conflict. World peace can only possibly happen when every individual is at peace within their own mind.

Conflict in the mind creates conflict in the world. Peace of mind creates peace in the world, and it all starts with you. If you're not at complete peace in this very moment, and every other moment, it's because of the thought processes, perceptions, opinions, beliefs, emotions, neediness, attachments, and addictions that are standing in the way, in this very moment, and every other moment. If you want complete peace for yourself, or for the rest of the world, simply let go of those thoughts and emotions, in this very moment, and every other moment. It's no more complicated than that, even if your mind wants to think otherwise.

The way to total world peace is utterly simple, but that doesn't mean it's easy to do. Changing the brain's cellular energetic neural network of perpetual ingrained perceptions, opinions, and thought processes is often not a simple task. Especially when everybody around us is still completely oblivious, unaware, and ignorant of the countless negativities that they're perpetuating in the form of their physical actions, the words they speak, and the way they think. People (the ego) love activities of selfish indulgence, and they refuse to give them up for the sake of others, for the larger whole of society, and for world peace.

Change the world by changing yourself. Lead by example, despite the unawareness of others. Be peace, love, forgiveness, acceptance, respect, non-violence, humility, kindness, and compassion yourself. There is nothing else to do. This is the only purpose you need to fulfill while here on this planet. If you can overcome yourself, there is nothing left to do.

What happens through me is done for you, the ALL, and life supports me automatically as a result. I've changed myself, and my teachings reflect that, but nobody will ever find these teachings unless they give up their own self indulgence and seek them out.

Oh well, that's the state of the world. Or perhaps I should say, that's the state of our minds.

But that's alright... I love you anyway because I recognize the innocence and limitations of your faulty neural network that can't tell the essential from the non-essential (truth from falsehood). "Forgive them for they know not what they do" is absolutely true.

Recommended Reading:

Power vs Force - Dr David Hawkins Truth vs Falsehood - Dr David Hawkins

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