Biofeedback Devices - Highly Effective Therapy

Biofeedback devices are devices that give feedback regarding our biology. As a broad generalization, MRI's, X-rays, PET's, EKG's, EEG's, and even simple thermometers can all be considered biofeedback devices because they all provide information about the state of our bodily workings. Different biofeedback devices measure different things, with some examples being blood pressure, temperature, muscle tension, heart rate, and sweating.

More traditionally though, the term "biofeedback device" is usually used to describe equipment that shows in real-time, as it's happening, the physiological effects of our thoughts, emotions, attitudes, perceptions, and mental processes.

People are realizing that the use of biofeedback devices is important because an ever-growing number of doctors and scientists are coming to the conclusion that negative thoughts and emotional stress are a major underlying factor in the development of all sorts of physical diseases and health issues. It's also becoming more and more well known that the body is in a constant state of regeneration (healing), but that its ability to do that more effectively depends upon us letting go of stressful negatives in our lifestyle.

Biofeedback DeviceBiofeedback devices are highly useful and effective in addressing stressful negative emotions because most people don't yet have an understanding of what thoughts and emotions are actually positive or negative. That might sound absurd, but when you hook a person up to a heart rate variability (HRV) biofeedback device for the first time, they are nearly always in a constant state of learning. Many times it's even surprising to them at which mental processes produce stressful physiological responses.

When you can see what thoughts are actually beneficial or harmful, you learn to let go of negatives, and focus on positives instead. Then, once the stressful negatives are let go of, the body then has the energy and ability to heal itself. When sources of stress are removed from our cell's environment, our cells can then switch from operating in a defensive protection mode, to a healing growth mode.

Biofeedback DeviceBiofeedback is scientifically proven to have a powerful, positive effect on your emotional and physical well-being by teaching you to alter your brain activity, blood pressure, muscle tension, heart rate and other critical bodily functions. With the use of these clinically proven tools you can access the power of your mind to directly change your state of health, and this is all done in a completely safe manner that doesn't involve negative side effects, prescription drugs, or any other type of risky medical procedure.

Most importantly though, they help us remove the REAL root of disease (stress on the cells), instead of simply focusing on the symptoms and side effects (disease) of that stress.

There are many ways in which stress negatively affects our biology, physiology and cognitive abilities, and because biofeedback devices give us an instantaneous look at those negative effects, they allow us to find, and eliminate, virtually all sources of stress in our life.

The implications of this are downright profound when it's fully grasped. A biofeedback device, along with our automatic bodily responses, is essentially a system that can determine the difference between what is beneficial and what is harmful, or from an expanded point of view, the difference between truth and falsehood. That's right, your body knows the difference between truth and falsehood, and it responds accordingly. Now that's something to be excited about.

In essence, biofeedback devices simply teach you to "listen to your heart", and to watch your mind. They allow you to become aware of what used to be unconscious psychological activity that was working against oneself, without even having to visit a practitioner that points out those negative thought processes to you.

By being provided with an instant biofeedback response, the person learns to take conscious control of their thoughts, thus gaining greater control over one's mental activities. Greater control over your mind naturally means greater health and happiness in your life because you then learn that happiness can simply be chosen at any and all times, despite life's circumstances and situations. We also come to realize that the source of stress was never outside of ourselves. Rather, it was our inner perceptions, beliefs, and interpretations of the world that were the real reason we experienced stress.

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