PLUS @ HOB 12/28/08

Greetings everyone!
Well here it is again people - the 5th annual holiday jam at the House of Blues is coming up.
This year it's on the 28th, which is a Sunday. Traditionally we have always done the 26th every year, but Michael Stanley swooped in early and took the Friday AND Saturday, so we had to take what was left. No worries though, I feel fortunate that HOB would even see fit to have us back like this every year. So that being said, I think this year's show is going to especially hot because we have opening for us the award winning Afrobeat ensemble, Mifune!
Fresh off their new CD release, Mifune has the energy and groove driven power to blast things off and get booties movin' from the first note, so I encourage you to get there early and check 'em out if you never have before. They opened for First Light at our 10 Yr. Reunion show at Nautica this past June, and PLUS Band's upcoming new CD is being recorded at Mifune's studios as we speak.
This joining of forces is indicative of a new era of collaboration and cooperation between the best of Cleveland's music community, spearheaded by Cleveland's own Little Fish Records. For too long we've been separated in this town. It's time to come together, because from unity comes strength. It's what I and others have been saying for so many years, and now I can see the movement happening. It's time for Cleveland to come into its own - who's on board?
Anyway, it occured to me that I'd like to do something different this year, and ask you what you'd like to hear in our set at HOB. I know you all have your favorites and I'm just curious to know what they are. So hit me, and let me know what would really float your boat at the show this year. The songs that get the most requests will go into the set, cool? Also, anyone with an artistic inclination who might want to take a shot at designing our new CD cover, I'd love to see what you come up with. Here are the proposed titles for the CD right now - choose your favorite and go for it:
1. Music To The Rescue
2. Leave A Trail
3. A New Day

If yours is chosen, it will mean a whole lot of special treatment for you in the coming year. Submit all entries to in jpeg, bmp or pdf format.

I guess that's all for now. As we come to another year's end I find myself in a reflective mood - looking back on all the days past and feeling really blessed and thankful for all I've been allowed to do, for the people in my life, old friends and new, health and strength, for hope and change to come, and for all your love and support. As always, I hope to be able to continue to channel the joy I get from playing music and singing a song to each and every one of you and your children too. It's what I live for, positively!
Take care and be well. I hope to see you soon.

Peace & Love,

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Comment by Sandy Mays on December 6, 2008 at 9:49pm
Choosing " Leave A "Trail."


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