As I sit and reflect that I am not very excited for the holiday season this year for the first time I think in my existence, it makes me wonder why that is exactly. I finally realized because in the past year I have had the best and most expensive gift anyone could ever get- freedom. I mention how expensive it is because many people mistakenly believe that freedom is FREE. Well, I am here to tell you it is most definitely FREE. Not only do we have armed forces fighting for our freedom. We as individuals also pay for our freedom- with our time, our effort, our focus. We create our freedom and for those people who don't create their freedom, they only have freedom then if someone else has and continues to create it for them. Through the conscious decisions and choices we make each day and the actions we take because of it are the creators of our freedom.

The last year has led me down a path of choices. Some very easy and simple to come to. Many have not been reasonable, not seemingly the right path to follow. The majority of those decisions were the ones made on faith- faith in myself, my abilities, my vision, my inner self screaming to come out. Once I had let out my inner self, its dreams, aspirations, voice- it could no longer be denied and refused to be locked back up. My only option was to move forward in my life, creating the future and refusing to use current and past circumstances to do that. I have a vision for my future and every day I take steps towards achieving that future.

What gift do I want? I now have the ability to create any and everything I could ever dream of. What else could I possibly wish for? The opportunity to share this amazing gift with others. Are you ready to receive the most precious gift of all?

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