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Pardon or Commutation for Leonard

President Obama should pardon or commute the sentence of Leonard Peltier as a gesture toward improving relations with Native Americans and all the diverse groups that now populate this country, in preparation for a resolution of longstanding conflicts that hinder the realization of our collective potential.

Leonard Peltier was convicted of being a participant in an insurrection in which two FBI agents were… Continue

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MyPeace.TV Update! 12-30-08

Dear MyPeace.TV Community,

As we're approaching the New Year, we're filled with Gratitude for the Media movement we've all been Co-Creating. We know, that by using all forms of Media, we can raise the collective consciousness of humanity and break the destructive cycles on our planet.There are those who are addicted to extreme violence, and they're so afraid of being powerless that they're blind to the "eye for an eye" cycle that they're a part of. Yet, there are also those who have… Continue

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Possible Cures to Sickness May Well Be Within Humanity's Consciousness

As humanity grows, problems within itself arises. It is the inevitable bullet of evolution. Change will always be present at humanity's next step. How the change is accepted and handled will promote either better change or for the worse. As sicknesses and diseases exists in our lives, medicine and the technologies respective to it will be invented, reinvented, or dismissed. As our everyday lives through the past generations grow with these technologies, humanity's dependability to them cause a… Continue

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PEACE bully & just some things to think about....

i'd like 2 start off saying that i am a very bad speller & i type short hand.... so if u dont like the way i type just dont read about what i have to say thanks

I love peace dont get me wrong my friends always call me a mondern day hippie, flower child, or tree hugger, and i take no offense, i pride myself on being different loving peace, like y should i b offened? i'm supporting something good & u laugh at me yet sceretly im laughin at u, because by making fun of me ur… Continue

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May God bless you with discomfort at:

Easy answers, half-truths, and superficial relationships-

So that you may live deep within your heart.…

glit Pictures, Images and Photos

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Indifference- a speach by Elie Wiesel

Fifty-four years ago to the day, a young Jewish boy from a small town in the Carpathian Mountains woke up, not far from Goethe's beloved Weimar, in a place of eternal infamy called Buchenwald. He was finally free, but there was no joy in his heart. He thought there never would be again. Liberated a day earlier by American soldiers, he remembers their rage at what they saw. And even if he lives to be a very old man, he will always be grateful to them for that rage, and also for their compassion.… Continue

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Love. Nourish. Heal.

You are what you eat.....Your skin is nourished by what you put on it......Get pure, get results... Be well.
Visit and learn about the options available for optimun nutrition, pure skin food, and organic superfoods. Be joy. Be bliss!

Educate yourself.... go see


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The Story of Sea and Sky and the god that Tore them Apart (a possible understanding of creation)

The Ocean is one. Just one lonely body. And everybody loves him. They admire him and they smile with him. But they don’t know him. And no one knows him.

The Ocean is sad. Because he used to be, once was, love. A beautiful love, with a beautiful creature of light. A body of warmth and brilliance just equal to what his had once been. And together they were everything, held everything.

Every weightless, breathless, thoughtless spin

Every tortured soul who relishes in… Continue

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Pancha Karma Specialist Program in Keral, India

STUDY CENTER: Intensive Residential Training and Certification Programs

International Thai Therapists Association, Inc. PANCHA KARMA SPECIALIST: RESIDENT ­ (Intern ship) / Training program:

Guru kulam - ITTA Category A, Approved Ayurvedic Training Center: Kerla India

Professional and practical hands-on Residential-(Internship) and / training in Pancha karma, special Rejuvenative Kerala treatments, Ayurvedic beauty therapy, Ayurvedic classical Medicine… Continue

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Visit our Online Store of Thai Yoga and Thai Massage Practice Aids and Educational Materials!

Welcome to our Bearded Media.

We are the on-line , secure shopping service for publications of The International Thai Therapists Association, Inc. and ThaiMassage.Com. We invite you to browse through our store and shop with confidence. In addition, we adhere to a strict privacy policy that means your information will not be shared, sold, or otherwise distributed.

We specialize in Books, DVD's Courses and programmatic materials either developed by Aachan Anthony B. James or… Continue

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The Times they are always a'changin'

The Times They Are a'Changin'- FREE Vanunu Mordechai! Now! Began on Face book on November 15, 2008 by an Italian with a vision for a Global V Day with his message to VMJC: Vanunu Mordechai John Crossman:

"For the little I can, [I will] try to move the conscience of the largest number of people possible, to try and break the chain of hatred that choke you and all the people of the area. Keep struggling. One day soon you will come to Rome to wipe away the ghosts of the… Continue

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R. Buckminster Fuller

"For the first time in history it is now possible to take care of everybody at a higher standard of living than any have ever known. Only ten years agao the 'more with less' technology reached the point where this could be done. All humanity now has the option of becoming enduringly successful." - Buckminster Fuller, 1980.

R. Buckminster Fuller, known by his friends as "Bucky", has undeniably been one of the key innovators in the 20th century. He is known… Continue

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Why defending our Constitution does matter

Wow! Has any lame-duck president become irrelevant as quickly as George Bush? I'm not sure I can remember one in my time. Nope. Not even the much-hated-by-the-right William Jefferson Clinton was this irrelevant. It's amazing. People are looking right past George W. Bush and into the brighter future promised by president-elect Barack Obama. Publishing houses are suggesting Bush wait to write his memoirs (or maybe skip them altogether). Bush didn't… Continue

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Near Death Experiences

During a surgical procedure, I died for awhile, went through the light and met you-know-who.

God greeted me at the Pearly Gates. "Are you hungry," he asked?

"I could eat," I replied.

God opened a can of tuna, unwrapped a loaf of white bread, and we began to share it. While eating the humble sandwich, I looked down into Hell and saw the inhabitants devouring huge lobsters, vegetables, fresh breads, desserts. Curious, but deeply trusting, I remained… Continue

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1 of my favorite quotes about 1Ness ;)

"In contrast to the mystic, the physicist begins his enquiry into the essential nature of things by studying the material world. Penetrating into ever deeper realms of matter, he has become aware of the essential unity of all things and events. More than that, he has learnt that he himself and his consciousness are an integral part of this unity. Thus the mystic and the physicist arrive at the same conclusion; one starting from the inner realm, the other from the outer… Continue

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Educational Videos


We have developed Peace Educational information on our website.

We believe that education implies many learning styles.

We do not have the budget to develop the materials in video or, other formats.

What we do have is an incredible framework for learning taken from many of the leading teachers on the planet since the formalization of Global Education back in 1972.

What we are proposing to this network is to… Continue

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Hotel Rowanda

I watched this movie last night, and even though I have seen it several times before I was struck by the awareness of how one person can have such an impact, create a miracle and be guided by faith, even without realizing it. And how great things can happen through small actions and a little, or a lot, of faith.


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terms indigo and crystal and what they mean!

terms indigo and crystal and what they mean!

For you beloved ידיד (yādīd) family of Earth,

Crystal_indigo_children (perfect body, perfect soul, perfect innocent)

we gather locally and around the world at

and active-indigos (elder perfect souls),

Elders and Rainbow Warriors, know who they are, the everlasting beings who are often in the process of purifing and knowing… Continue

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World News Tonight!!

Tonight the film will be featured on ABC World News, a report by Ned Potter.

watch tonight 6:25pm PST!!

Tamara Henry, MA
Vanilla Fire Productions
Associate Producer

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