Possible Cures to Sickness May Well Be Within Humanity's Consciousness

As humanity grows, problems within itself arises. It is the inevitable bullet of evolution. Change will always be present at humanity's next step. How the change is accepted and handled will promote either better change or for the worse. As sicknesses and diseases exists in our lives, medicine and the technologies respective to it will be invented, reinvented, or dismissed. As our everyday lives through the past generations grow with these technologies, humanity's dependability to them cause a dependency problem for these human made answers. Some health problems may need such technologies, but the answer to healing could well be within the consciousness of every individual on this world. We, as humanity, could possibly have the power to heal each other through belief.

If we take Masaru Emoto's water experiment, we notice that the very structure of water is modified by means of pure thought only. There has been another experiment with rice, that has the same experimental observations. In Emoto's experiment, bottles of water from the same source are all labeled with several words: "Heavy Metal Music", "You Make Me Sick, I Will Kill You", "Adolph Hitler", "Thank You", "Love and Appreciation", and "Mother Teresa", all have changed the structure of the water. The ideals behind the words / phrases are give out different vibrations of energy due to the perspective of the collective consciousness of humanity. The lifestyles of societies around major water sources have also been proven to dramatically change the structure of the water. A good example is of the structure of the Fujiwara Dam water before and after a prayer offering was made. Belief and intent is proven to change the physicality of water. And to think that human beings are composed of 50% - 60% water. The connection is very apparent.

With sicknesses and diseases, humanity may have within itself the cures for all sicknesses within their consciousness. If everyone believed for it to be, the possibility is boundless to heal another individual utilizing pure thought and intent. In hospitals around the world, an individual who is terminally ill will live longer if he/she has family and friends to support him/her so long as he/she wants the support. The major connection between them all is love. Things do not always seem to appear what they be. Our bodies have many proteins that are activated by certain medications to help one cope with the sickness or activate or expedite the healing process. What if the key to release these proteins is to merely think of it on one's own self and with the help of his family and friends? With consciousness growing within our societies (self actualization), these possibilities can not be ruled out. It may be the future of humanity through evolution.

-Oliver Bulfango (December 29, 2008)

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