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We specialize in Books, DVD's Courses and programmatic materials either developed by Aachan Anthony B. James or used with his permission.

SomaVeda™ Integrated Traditional Therapies programs and materials have been developed by Aachan James over a period of thrity years and encompass a broad range of energetically, and spiritually based teachings. Aachan James is a recognized Master instructor of Traditional Thai Yoga and Massage, a Naturopath, and initiate of Native American and several different mystery traditions.

Bio for Aachan James: http://www.ThaiMassage.Com/itta/instructor.html

For further information:

1) SomaVeda™ Certification Programs: http://www.ThaiYogaCenter.Com

2) SomaVeda™ Physical facilities and residential programs and retreats: The Thai Yoga Center

3) SomaVeda™ programs in Thailand: http://www.ThailandStudyTours.Com

4) SomaVeda™ programs in India: http://www.IndiaStudyTours.Com

For additional Thai Massage, Thailand and related items visit our sister store at http://www.ThaiMassage.Com

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