PEACE bully & just some things to think about....

i'd like 2 start off saying that i am a very bad speller & i type short hand.... so if u dont like the way i type just dont read about what i have to say thanks

I love peace dont get me wrong my friends always call me a mondern day hippie, flower child, or tree hugger, and i take no offense, i pride myself on being different loving peace, like y should i b offened? i'm supporting something good & u laugh at me yet sceretly im laughin at u, because by making fun of me ur supporting war, crimes, hatetred, and killing. I know everyone, well at least i think everyone on here supports peace, and just thaught i should post sumthin bout being picked on bout being peaceful. idk im random sometimes

anyways i might go on to a rant herebut just know ive usually an opomistic person but i do dirft to a pesimistic view sometimes....

y wouldnt u help some1 who needed help if u had the power to help them? i really dont kno i just know that if i saw some1 who needed my help & i could help them i would. i guess some ppl just feel its their own faul, they should b able to help themsleves, sayin to themselves i never need any1s help so y should i help any1 else, i dont take handouts & i dont giv them either. it comes down to it that they dont care b/c its not happening to them so their okay with it, they might b o thats terrible but they move on with their lives & they will never giv it another thought. Americans, not all, are so consummed by their "busy" lives, always workin for money, n jobs they dont like, so that they can buy things they dont need, but they feel it will make them happy, ya it will for awhile but then something new will come out & wants again u'll hav to get it to make u happy, but owning something u dont need, something that could never want u back, is pointless b/c u'll just keep wantin& wantin & never find wat truly makes u happy. when we live like this it is easy to 4get that ppl need our help and by helpin ppl it will make u feel good bout urself. i just wish more ppl could realize this so they could stop running around n pointless life. and i cant just tell ppl wat they r doin is pointless b/c they wont believe me they hav 2 realise it themselves the only thing i can do is guide them to a meaningful life &if they chose not to listen im not goin 2 force them they need to change 4 themselves not 4 me otherwise they wont understand. i kno this b/c my parents are ur typical american workin a dead end job, workin a job they hate, & buyin things they dont need. i tried & tried again to convince them they dont need this stuff but they dont care they want it, they sayt hey "need it", but really they dont their not goin 2 die wit out it. i sumtimes wonder how i turn out different, yes ill admit that i am addicted to some things but i kno i could live wit out but n away my phone & the internet r mylife lines b/c that is how i connect to friends who r my family & i'd die if i was never able 2 talk 2 them again. im not trying to come out & say im a perfect person & u should fallow me & my way of thinkin/ living i'm really just tellin u my insite on life & its ur choice to listen to me or not.

just remember this question:
how do u/i love/want something that cant love/want u/i back?

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Comment by Emu on December 31, 2008 at 2:06pm
thank you so much! ur thoughts mean a lot and bightened up my day :D


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