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Butterflies landing on People :)

Namaste EveryOne..

Below is a video of me having a fly and then a butterfly land on my hand. Below that are videos of butterflies landing on others as well. I want to share with you my personal technique for doing this and would like to encourage YOU to experience this yourself :)

If you choose to do this, I would love to hear your story and/or I would love for you to video tape it and share it on MyPeace.TV .....

Now, I should probably tell you that I've…


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Nine Ways To Help Others Awaken to Consciousness


Expanding Their Vision

Nine Ways To Help Others Awaken to Consciousness…


Added by MiraCulous on January 31, 2009 at 8:45am — 2 Comments

Abdullah II: The 5-State Solution


In February 2002, I traveled to Saudi Arabia and interviewed the then crown prince, now king, Abdullah, at his Riyadh horse farm. I asked him why the next Arab summit wouldn’t just propose to Israel full peace and normalization of relations, by all 22 Arab states, for full withdrawal from all occupied lands and creation of a Palestinian state. Abdullah said that I had read his mind (“Have you broken into my desk?” he… Continue

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Identifying Myself: Adding by Subtracting

In thinking about the growth of my understanding of society and identity, I have delved deep within the grasps of insanity. Reaching within myself, through agony and happiness, time and time again, I have stared myself blankly at my own face absentmindedly. The vicissitude of my deeper understanding in my true identity was an arduous path that was clouded by temporary upbringings, which defocused me from the present, holding onto my history, which falsely defined me, and wishful goals,… Continue

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The Burden of Understanding (Poetry)

Shrapnel of deceit multiply across the room

Deadly, sharp pieces envelope the air

Seeing the demise of another's doing

As only a few pierce into my body

Pain coercing through my nerves

Into my vertebrae where my brain feels the sensations

Illusionary pain brought into reality

Quickly born but ever so slowly dying

Lies told by a million mouths

But only a few find their way deep into my skin

Distorting my very truthful… Continue

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Talking Physics with Another Student: Reigniting Imagination

After an eventful sociology class, which delved deep into the understanding of cultures' (subcultures and countercultures) evolutionary growth, I walked towards the library. On my way there, I had noticed the gentleman with the physics book again. Only this time he was sitting by himself. I decided to spark up a conversation with this individual. Wearing a dark red and white horizontally stripped shirt, he introduced himself as Juan soon after my own introduction. Finally! I have placed a name… Continue

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The Process of My Thoughts

I am sitting on a bench at the smoking area in front of the University Campus Library in Broward College. Although I am not smoking, I feel a sudden rush of thought surge through my brain thinking of the urge to smoke. I will not fall for it. Mere thoughts have been controlling my realities. Insanity. I will beckon to the very whims of all my thoughts. Instead, I choose to step back and observe them. Account for all of them and put them away like a tired librarian putting up books in a college… Continue

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Tainted Innocence of a Child

When a child is born, the child goes through life untainted. Innocent. The act of growing occurs naturally. The unnatural part of the growth, however, is the maturity. As innocent as the child is, values are bestowed to the sibling by family, society, and other external factors. These values are not hereditary. They are a learned behavior. A child of the age of 4 years old may not have the same value of money when turning 28. That same belief in the value can also change when turning 50. Why is… Continue

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The Path of a Righteous Life (Poetry)

I've been maimed

I've been metaphorically shot

But through it all I have found my meaning

Living in better understanding of people's intent

I've been spat at

I've been yelled at

But now have better understanding

That people act blinded by social motives with no true content

Courageous efforts to prove that life has a meaning

Selfish efforts to define my own spirituality

Collective understanding to help direct humanity

Living… Continue

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True Leaders of the World

There are times when I question myself if the leaders that we physically see are the true leaders of the world. Understandably, they lead humanity towards a collective goal. They gather the collective thought and drive it into reality. Who is to say that these physical leaders are not truly the leaders that we think they are? In reality, the leaders are the people themselves. They are not the head figures that we see in everyday living. The true leaders are the professors, musicians, artists,… Continue

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(untitled) (on feeling the emotions of one another)

In our everyday lives, individuals feel the need to connect with another in hopes that their realities can be seen by the other. Throughout the years of humanity's existence, societies have always misunderstood each other due to communication, cultural, religious, and geographical barriers. These are the realities of which societies choose to live in whether they were subconsciously inherited or cognitively chosen. We have always, in at least one time during the span of our lifetime, felt as if… Continue

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Happily Burdened (Poetry)

When I think of life, I think of death

When I think of death, I think of life

All that I see are things unseen

All that are unseen are left to be seen

I walk a road of obstacles that lay ahead

I walk with determination and no bias

Feeling free from all worldly things

Feeling the truth in my heart

Giving to others that I can give of myself

Giving myself the time to learn more

Heading towards a destination unknown

Heading there… Continue

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MyPeace.TV Update! 1-28-09

Dear MyPeace.TV Community,

In this update, the first thing we want to do is suggest that you watch this wonderful video expressing Peace through Music. We're pretty sure you'll feel very good after watching it. :). The video is from the Playing for Change movement, and one of our featured members, Tamara Henry, happened to interview the founders.… Continue

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BuddhaTv @ ning network


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To Become Aware Of The Oneness Of Gods Creation

All things in creation are combined in ONENESS.... I realized this before and when understood it really makes a dramatic difference in our outlook on everything ..Everything we view is then looked at much differently,,we begin too see everything with eyes that see from our soul.I find that,,, If I don,t remember the oneness aspect of ( life/creation ) then I will separate things in Gods creation and not look at them the correct way.I think the way to solve many problems facing the world/us is… Continue

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Help **Save the Children** give Humanitarian assistance to the Children of Gaza! 3-27-09 Update

Dear MyPeace.TV Community,

This post is dedicated to helping the children in Gaza who are in need right now, and in no way is this intended to take sides or to condone the extreme actions of Hamas. Here is something from Save The Children, a humanitarian organization helping children in need throughout the World:

WESTPORT, Conn. (March 27, 2009) — Tens of thousands of children in Gaza remain at serious risk of physical and psychological harm more than two months after a… Continue

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The Times They Are a'Changin'- FREE Vanunu and Palestine Now!

The Times They Are a'Changin'- FREE Vanunu Mordechai! Now!

Began on Face book on November 15, 2008 by an Italian with a vision for a Global V Day with his message to VMJC: Vanunu Mordechai John Crossman:

"For the little I can, [I will] try to move the conscience of the largest number of people possible, to try and break the chain of hatred that choke you and all the people of the area. Keep struggling. One day soon you will come to Rome to wipe away the ghosts… Continue

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Announcing Spiral Travel

Visit our site, watch the videos, join, bookmark, book your trips, share and enjoy.

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Get to know me! Please read…


Call me today. I have FREE online marketing training classes available nightly that everyone in my group uses to help them succeed… Continue

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Facebook, MySpace, YouTube - How we can use these sites to spread the word about MyPeace.TV!

Dear MyPeace.TV Community,

We'd like to offer you a quick tip on one of the easiest ways to share our promo video and help MyPeace.TV continue to blossom. Simply go to our video on YouTube, look below the video and click on the Facebook link, the MySpace link, or other links for social networking sites that you're a member of. You'll then be able to immediately Share this video through those sites.

If only 100 of… Continue

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