Shrapnel of deceit multiply across the room
Deadly, sharp pieces envelope the air
Seeing the demise of another's doing
As only a few pierce into my body

Pain coercing through my nerves
Into my vertebrae where my brain feels the sensations
Illusionary pain brought into reality
Quickly born but ever so slowly dying

Lies told by a million mouths
But only a few find their way deep into my skin
Distorting my very truthful nature
Wherein courage grows to let them be

Cries heard from miles away across a plane of flowers
Causing every single beauty to decay
Everyone hearing
But not caring about the source

Ivy wrapped on my skin
Laughter as they ignorantly play
Taunting falseness in their egos
Enveloping me with their nuisance

Through it I see their innocent being
Knowing their actions are controlled by external factors
Living a life of understanding
Is the hardest to live with till my dying day

-Oliver Bulfango (January 27, 2009)

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