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Dear Peacemakers and Friends,

Today we are happy to feature a few videos, including:


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Technical Help Need

Namaste my friends,

I have forgotten how to add a video to a blog. I tried clicking on the icon call "create link", then I paste the link address and click "o.k". It appeared in my blog text box, but when I click publish the link came out instead of the address.

What did I do wrong?

Thanks for your help :)

Happy Happy Happy! ThanksGiving!

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A Common Experience: a poem of peace

A common experience like falling in love

Is familiar to all it comes from above

But the common experience of hatred and war

Is man’s greatest crime that’s spread from afar

Many know fear and many know pain

And many know bullets that fall down like rain

Mothers cry and children scream

While fathers and sons take their place on the scene

The enemy comes in with dogged determination

To wipe out a race, a religion, a nation

While others look…


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Dear Peacemakers,

Today we're happy to feature 2 inspirational music videos from completely different genres:…


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And that spark Set Aflame by the Power of the Holy Spirit......Given freely to all who are in the "TRUTH" ..Accept this day...Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ , and recieve Forgiveness of sins past, present, and future, healing of mind , body , and…


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Community Coat Exchange - Salt Lake City Utah


November 26, 2010

10:00 AM

COMMUNITY COAT EXCHANGE: Downtown Salt Lake Library Plaza

210 East 400 South

Salt Lake City, UT

Bring a coat, take a coat: If you need a coat, come get one. If you have a coat, we…


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Please Vote to Help Us Empower Youth to Build Peace

All we need is your online vote!!

The Aviva Community Fund is giving away money to deserving causes, but to get the judges’ attention we first have to get top votes from the community.

Peace it Together is a unique program that offers youth the opportunity to connect deeply with their adversary while co-creating a tangible product that can be shared with the masses. In creating a… Continue

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How I got over

When I awoke this morning, I had the words of my title in mind, but I was remembering an old Negro spiritual we used to sing in church. “How I got over. How I got over. My soul looks back and wonders, how I got over.” I remember my mother, grandmother and others singing it with gusto, thanking God for helping them to “make it through.” Then I typed in the words on YouTube, and found this song by The Roots, and it changed my whole attitude.

Rather than praise and worship, the words,…


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A New Consciousness Born

A New Consciousness Born is a book I have released that points to and creates the thing it is named after – a new consciousness. This consciousness is needed right now on this planet given it brings with it the ending of violence. The action of ending violence might seem to be a small thing in the beginning, for it takes up only a small space given it is a void.

This happening of a new consciousness has a couple of components. There is a void where violence…


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Light - TV message to the world !

Light World

Frizzey Lights - TV Portrait ORF

a few moments his years of work on a world project for peace - a message

Ausschnitte eines Weltprojektes für den… Continue

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The significant you

Recently, talking to my oncologist about the treatment she is prescribing for my breast and bone cancer, she inquired about my mental attitude and outlook on life in general. It was not too surprising as everyone has been encouraging me to “stay positive” in order to beat this new health challenge. This idea of outlook on life brings me to the subject of how significant does the average person think his or her life is? I am by no means a celebrity or “star”; never had my name in lights…


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Passion for God, compassion for man

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Wise words from a brother

"How can it be, that the world has come to this? This place
where compassion, and love, no longer exist. For even if a love burns
it should be okay to stand up each other, brush off the pain, and move
on. But everyone's more content with breaking others down as much as
they can, how can it be, that everyone's more content with killing each
other. By the time this is over, we'll have nothing left..." -Vincent Maxwell Leidig

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Halloween Magic

Halloween Magic

Performed my annual mingling magic show at UMASS last night at Franklin Dinning Commons. The first group was such a great start to the night. The first person picked the Three of Clubs

(Stephanie’s Card) and then the next person picked…


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The Art of Not Doing

The Art of Not Doing

I forget where I first heard about this concept. It was probably a Dalia Lama idea from one of his books or perhaps I found it in a Carlos Castaneda book. At first I didn’t understand it.

How can we do something that is a “not doing?” But just the other day the

answer was revealed to…


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Free Class

Good news! My class at Westfield State University has been cancelled due to lack of interest. As conciliation prize I am offering the class as an online course for free. The

class is called “Journey of Discovery: awaken your inner power” and is a four

week course. Each week you will receive a new lesson via email. The lesson

topics are perspective, adversity,…


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Nothing to prove

Last night was stressful.

I work eight and a half hours a week at Fresh Acres in Springfield, MA and last night there was a threat of an upcoming inspection by headquarters. The inspection would test the quality of my work

according to sanitation requirements.…


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a skill that all human beings have

Two friends were sitting in a park.

They sat in silence for several moments on this sunny afternoon when suddenly one friend turned to the other and said, “What are you thinking about?”…


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