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12seconds for Peace - Elizeth Labega

A beautiful video from Elizeth Labega with footage from a rally held by The Peace Coalition of Monterey County, California in the USA on 13th November this year - just in. Thank you Elizeth!

Elizeth commented that the rally was held to push for an "...end to American involvement in war and more effectively use the resources currently being consumed by war. The rally united people from a wide variety of walks of life and political… Continue

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             "In the calming presence of God, we enter a time of perfect

          peace. We drift in a sea of tranquility, knowing that

                     nothing can disturb us....for God is here.

                  As we relax and let go, we feel God's love

                enfolding and uplifting us."…


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Friends this blog posting is not an indictment of you personally, so kindly don't take my sincere efforts to awaken our community as an assault on your integrity and sincerity.


However, I find that our peace community (not this site) is rather DEAD.


Why would I make such a statement?  Because after years of attending meetings, rallies, boycotts, hunger strikes, investing in peace related ventures, the ROI has been truly dismal.


What ROI. The…


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Happy Winter Solstice.....

Let us know peace.

For as long as the moon shall rise,

For as long as the rivers shall flow,

For as long as the sun will shine,

For as long as the grass shall grow,

Let us know peace.

~Traditional Native American Prayer for Peace

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Re-connecting with the True Meaning of the Holidays


Karla Solano

I remember loving the holidays when I was a child; it was a magical time that would get started on December 8th. On this particular night every house in every neighborhood would light up the front entrance of their houses with candles, kids would play with fire crackers and fireworks would illuminate the streets of my country…Colombia; every neighbor would come out and share this fun moment of light. This celebration was in honor of the mother…


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Not Quite Empty or Full

The Buddhist dogma “all life is suffering” is sometimes misunderstood. I understand why, it sounds very tragic, like a mother tucking in her child and saying, “goodnight dear, sleep well because everything is going to be awful in the morning”. But, to many on the path of enlightenment, it is a statement of reassurance. That we all must suffer is (at the same time) an unfortunate truth, a common ground we walk upon, and a reason to rise above.…


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Dear Peacemakers and Friends,

Today we are happy to re-feature "Peace", a fun and uplifting music video shared by Luminaries.…


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12seconds for Peace - Rohani Razak

Another great video in from Rohani Razak from Singapore - peace is the only way to go, as Rohani makes clear. But how can we achieve peace? How can we let those in power know that this is what we want? How can we make them realise that the majority of people on this planet have had enough of the war-mongering, the hate, the excuses to justify violence against our fellow citizens? One way is to contribute to this project. If enough people engage with…


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2010 Human Rights Day Message

December 10th is Human Rights Day, following is the message from the secretary General of the United Nations discussing this year's theme: human rights defenders who act to end discrimination

Human Rights Day 2010 will highlight and promote the achievements of human rights defenders and it will again emphasize the primary responsibility Governments have to enable and protect their role. The Day is also intended to inspire a new generation of defenders to…


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12seconds for Peace - Zententions - 2

Another great video in this time from Jen and Billie at 'Zententions'. Their message, 'We are free to be change makers' is really the dawning in all of us that we are the ones that decide whether there is peace in the world or not. Peace is not an abstract concept or a theoretical construct; it is the state of reality, once we realise that we can in fact, through the force of our own intentions, change the way that the world is.It is entirely up to… Continue

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The art my cat helped me paint

My cat Sky took a walk on this one while it was wet, so I took a different route to what it was going to be. I call it Skywalk.

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12seconds for Peace - Litana Somoano - 4

Another great video in from Litana Somoano - something of a regular contributor to this project! Litana is now represented across all three of our compilations: '12seconds for Peace - The First Ten Minutes', '12seconds for Peace - Ten Minutes Later' and of course with this video, on the next compilation: '12seconds for Peace - Revolution!'.

If you would like to add your voice to this growing project, then you can send your… Continue

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