Friends this blog posting is not an indictment of you personally, so kindly don't take my sincere efforts to awaken our community as an assault on your integrity and sincerity.


However, I find that our peace community (not this site) is rather DEAD.


Why would I make such a statement?  Because after years of attending meetings, rallies, boycotts, hunger strikes, investing in peace related ventures, the ROI has been truly dismal.


What ROI. The number of friends that join, the email responses (lack thereof), the success rate of peace ventures and rallies, etc.


Now while one could argue that I may not have participated in enough peace ventures to statistically give credence to my argument, I would argue that I have been involved in numerous peace and related ventures and further, that, even a person who invests limited time into peace ventures should see some returned on the resources invested (time, ideas, funds, etc).


I think that our community is too passive, to complacent, too soft, too nice.  We tend to be the nice folks, that finish last, get spat on, and keep smiling and singing peace songs.

We really, in my humble opinion, need to grow some balls, and be as aggressive as our negative counter-parts (the war mongers and haters, racists, etc).


Clearly I'm not suggesting being negative and participating in negative actions that they do.  But they surely have lots of unity, they are aggressive, and they act as though they own the world and that the rest of us are the crazy ones. Why aren't we just as fired up.


Why, for example, are there only 4,000+ members on this site??  No fault of the site owner, but this is just another sign that the Peace movement isn't as alive as we would like to argue.

I trust that you all take this constructive critique of our movement, and rather than beat me up, identify ways to improve our community.  Besides,with all the wars happening globally, for us to say we are succeeding, would be truly disingenuous.


Best wishes to you all as you strive to change the world, and make it a better planet for this, and subsequent generations!


Jimmy Spice Curry

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