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Today is an occasion when heightened energies are reaching you on Earth, one day of many that are occurring with more regularity. It is the gradual lifting up of your vibrations and is bringing changes into being. It is also a day when you can respond to the call to make it a Peace Day, by thinking it and living it to your highest ability. Keep peace and harmony in your mind, and let it shine out from your eyes and heart.…


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International Nobel Peace Film Project

We are coming into the season of Thanks Giving, Peace and Gratitude and the Nobel Peace Awards are just around the corner.

We want to know IF you were presenting at the Nobel Peace Concert with members of your place of worship, school, family or business and were only given 10 seconds each to express/embody a state of PEACE what would you share with the 2009 Nobel Peace recipient, Oslo, Norway guests and world?

Would it be a song, a chant, a meditation, a stress reduction… Continue

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The Global 10 Second Peace Challenge:

How Would You Express the Essence of Peace If You Only Had 10 Seconds?

The second week of December 2009 when the U.S. President Barack Obama accepts the Nobel Peace award, millions of citizens are invited to participate in a cyber peace project of their own called “Live Your Peace”. Workshops are conducted far and wide as participants have their own group discussions on the many facets of peace including mental, emotional, spiritual, economic, scientific, artistic, philosophical and… Continue

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Can Peace Games Really Reduce Stress and Heal Relationship Challenges?

Inspired by December 2009’s widely publicised Nobel Peace Award in Oslo, Norway, a group of people are attending a workshop at the end of November to document their exploration on the topic of peace with the help of Emmy award wnning documentary film maker and movie director and workshop facilitator of LIVE YOUR PEACE.

The cast/crew attending the November 29th event range from therapists, counsellors, musicians, martial artists, film makers, singer song writers, carpenters, artists… Continue

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When you see the world with His eyes
then you know God

When you know God
then you know peace

In Peace Forever

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this one might hurt your ears a bit…


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Dear MyPeace.TV Community,

On November 11, 2007, Kevin Reid announced an initiative to establish an

internationally recognized “World Unity Day” - a day to "celebrate the diversity of

the human family." On July 22nd, 2008, Mayor Rob Adams officially proclaimed every

November 11, World Unity Day in Sedona, Arizona. This was followed by an official

endorsement from the City of Phoenix Human Relations Commission and Phoenix Mayor

Phil Gordon. On November 11th,… Continue

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Herbie J's Facebook Recap

* Herbie J Pilato suggests you move your patio from the back to the front of your house and turn it into a porch.

* Herbie J Pilato grew up in a beautiful family whose home was always open to neighbors, friends and extended family. This Thanksgiving, and every Thanksgiving and every day, feed somebody.

* Herbie J Pilato suggests you pay your bills and live within your means.

* Herbie J Pilato once swept floors and cleaned the meatroom for Topps Supermarkets. And… Continue

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Music, Sharing and Jewelry for Peace....

Hi Everyone,

Today we're happy to Feature "Together", a song/video reminding us that no matter how bad things may seem, there is plenty of reason to feel hopeful and Unify for a better World:

There used to be a technical issue with our "Share" feature for videos, but it's working well now, so we encourage you to use this feature (simply click on the "Share"… Continue

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Dj Tribe "Gaia Evolution" New Album

Good day family, we are here finally, it has taken over ten years to have our first album out on the web, with a tribal roar. We will be posting all our news about the band here. We would like to let everyone know about our history. We come from the south west of the USA and our sound was born in Maui, Hawaii. It all started in the jungle when we had a vision in Santa Fe where we met and then had enough of the main land it's politics of dancing. It was… Continue

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Wearing Jewelry for healing and peace

As a person who has been in the "fine"jewelry industry for years I would never have thought about wearing much less making jewelry for healing. I also never really thought about its meaning. There are many symbols that different groups wear and people from every culture have used spiritual symbols to focus their energies, connect to the metaphysical world, and touch the divine. A symbol is simply an object, picture, word, sound or make that represents something else.In spirituality and…


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Loving You and Our Planet

Awakening to the awareness of optimum health and by choosing products that are certified organic, 100% beneficial and 100% active ingredients, are not only a loving gift to yourself but a loving gift to our planet. I invite you to explore my website and all of its benefits in caring for humanity and our planet. (we are carbon neutral, assisted by non-profit Greenfleet)… Continue

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On MyPeace.TV: Promoting Your Peace.

Hi Everyone,

This is a short message to let you know that if you have an inspiring, positive or

beneficial product/service, MyPeace.TV may be able to do some promotion for you at

no charge (as we often have since the site launched). If you are interested in being

a MyPeace.TV Sponsor (with your banner on the right side of each page), then you may

be pleasantly surprised at the affordable rates we're now offering. In either case,

feel free to contact us… Continue

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Human beings the future and beyond :)

I know how spectacular We ALL are as physical beings on this Planet WE call Earth. OUR ancestors created everything that we know and understand and WE create everything that will come in the future. We are in a spectacular turning point in OUR evolution. We are becoming more aware of how spectacular ALL Life is. That We as Human beings create Our own World. That not only do Our thoughts change the energy vibrations of Ourselves the Planet and beyond. So do Our actions. As we begin to accept… Continue

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"THE COMFORTER" By Reverand Keliihananui Makalani ~KAHUNAGURU~

"THE COMFORTER" By Reverand Keliihananui Makalani ~KAHUNAGURU~ Today at 6:03am

November 1, 2009

"Comforted "

Matthew 5:4

Jesus Christ is risen. He is risen, indeed! Those seven, simple words are God's gracious truth which moves Believers from Hell to Heaven. They provide hope to those who are dying and comfort to those who mourn. Because Jesus Christ lives, we shall live also. God grant such a confession of… Continue

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