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Defeating Evil

To cure a sickness--one must first become aware that a sickness exists. How aware are we of the sickness that we label as "evil"? If a disease is to be cured--are we to kill all those infected with it?--Or should we focus on understanding/curing the disease? In what depth has humanity examined the fear, pain, and desperation that leads people toward destructive actions? Can you imagine a global media campaign dedicated toward telling/exploring the story of "evil" AND the potential story of the… Continue

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The REAL Enemy

Who are the REAL terrorists? Is it the Jews? Muslims? Christians? Americans? White man? Black man? Purple man? Which race, religion, culture or country should we put all the blame on?.....

I've been blessed to experience the fact that there is goodness within every sect of people...but, if you have not experienced this as well--why should you believe me? Also, if you COULD experience this truth...would you want to? I've heard arguments about who is more to blame in the… Continue

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Oneness and Mass Prayer/Meditation Beyond Time and Space

I am among those who agree with the idea that there is only Oneness, and that all energy is interconnected within a unified field of consciousness. Quantum physicists are telling us this, and mystics from various cultures have told us the same thing. It is said that there is One formless spirit experiencing itself through all forms and relationships. It is also said that each of us is SIMULTANEOUSLY a unique individual expression of the Oneness, AND the Oneness in it's totality. Although I… Continue

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What is Peace?

I'd say that there is inner peace--a deep sense of serenity that comes from an awareness of one's eternal presence and connection with all life. I'd say that from this inner peace--external peace is created. So, what does external peace look like on a global scale? Is it a world with no poverty, pollution, extreme violence and disease? I can imagine that...indeed, I can imagine us ending all poverty, pollution, extreme violence and disease on our planet. I envision us healing the sickness that… Continue

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Teaching (poem)


I study the teaching of the Universal Spirit within me ... and I share what I hear the spirit say to me.

I hear the spirit say ...

"When you remember me--you will no longer imagine me to live in only one form ... for I am the One formless spirit who lives in all forms. You will remember that I am all that is seen and unseen. I am the formless--experiencing myself in all forms and relationships. I experience myself through you. I am you and you… Continue

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Fear to Love


"Fear and love do not dwell in the same place, so we have a choice to make. As we choose love, fear becomes a stranger. By realizing this we have experienced a miracle; that shift in perspective from fear to love." ~Marianne Williamson…


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