Who are the REAL terrorists? Is it the Jews? Muslims? Christians? Americans? White man? Black man? Purple man? Which race, religion, culture or country should we put all the blame on?.....

I've been blessed to experience the fact that there is goodness within every sect of people...but, if you have not experienced this as well--why should you believe me? Also, if you COULD experience this truth...would you want to? I've heard arguments about who is more to blame in the Israeli/Palestinian Mideast conflict. I've seen pictures and videos of weeping Israeli mothers, and I've seen pictures and videos of weeping Palestinian mothers. I've seen people debate over and over about who is MORE to blame. Yet I've also seen people acknowledge that extremist, fundamentalist thought and action is not exclusive to one race, religion, or culture. Many people (including you perhaps) are beginning to realize that the REAL enemy is this sickness that we often label as "Evil." What happens when we focus on healing the sickness--rather than trying to blame one sect of the human family? What happens when see ourselves as members of the human family--before we see ourselves as members of these sects that we've created?

Thank you for considering this perspective.


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Comment by Sarah on November 18, 2008 at 2:55pm
I am very much in agreement with you. I'm trying to communicate this idea through my life and my music. Tich Naht Hanh said in one of his poems - "Turn, and face your real enemies: ambition, violence, hatred, greed."
I'm talking courses in nonviolent communication, developed by Marshall Rosenberg. You might like to hear his ideas on Youtube. I think you'd find another kindred spirit in him.
I've discovered recently that every 'enemy' in my life is really just a representation of a part of myself that I need to understand better. I have in me a terrorist of the worst kind, as well as a Mother Theresa. If I can just get these two to talk together for a while, I might see some real personal growth toward peace! As I learn to make peace with myself, I believe I will be able to create more peace in my world.

Thanks for the site.
Comment by Yaron Fishman on December 15, 2008 at 1:44pm
Sarah: I resonate with what you said, and I feel that it's by understanding/healing our own "shadow" or dark side that we can understand and inspire other people to heal. Thank you for expressing that..

Montana Priestess: I agree with you that it's our choice...and yes, I approve all kinds of comments as long as they're not spam (which thankfully we don't have much of here). Thank you for sharing..
Comment by Abbie on March 24, 2009 at 6:29pm
Yaron - I believe that we all must accept responsibility for all that occurs on this planet. And yes, we must focus on healing with love, acceptance and forgiveness. There has definitely been a mind-set "shift" (thank goodness!) and I must continue to believe that we can and will make giant steps forward to healing this planet and our people. Thank you for all that you do - it is so refreshing to meet people like you. You make my heart smile and give me hope.


Comment by Jasmine Hewlett on April 13, 2009 at 1:08am
Through meditation I have taken several travels to what seemed to be the middle east. I have never witnessed something so horrific, sad, and tragic. I learned through these journeys however, that I can spread light to those specific people through meditation, in one instance a young boy whose left arm was missing due to an explosion by rebels whom was searching for his mother and father among buildings that had appeared abandoned. Within those moments I felt that I had helped him significantly, and the only price I had to pay was taking away his pain. Personally, I would feel the pains of millions if it meant they would not suffer. Light defeats all darkness, everyone is capable, as long as they have the passion and will. So as long as we know what will conquer (light), it is not necessary to acknowledge the enemy, nor allow the enemy to exist. A world of unity is a world of light. Peace :)


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