Oneness and Mass Prayer/Meditation Beyond Time and Space

I am among those who agree with the idea that there is only Oneness, and that all energy is interconnected within a unified field of consciousness. Quantum physicists are telling us this, and mystics from various cultures have told us the same thing. It is said that there is One formless spirit experiencing itself through all forms and relationships. It is also said that each of us is SIMULTANEOUSLY a unique individual expression of the Oneness, AND the Oneness in it's totality. Although I agree with this, I also feel that there are different levels of awareness within the Oneness, and that there are much grander levels of awareness than I am now experiencing as an individual.

Quantum Physics also suggests that all realities are now existing simultaneously, and that with our thoughts/vibes we are attracting realities/experiences into our lives. For me the goal is Peace, and what I am noticing is that there are various ways to pray, or tap into the inner peace (which creates/attracts external peace). You can do transcendental meditation, you can sing, chant, dance, do yoga, laugh, or whatever it is that works for you. Scientific studies are showing that when many people get together (in close proximity to each other) and connect with inner peace--then an unquestionable effect of external peace is achieved ( a large drop in crime rate, war activity etc.). Yet, quantum physics also..points to the idea..that time and space is an illusion (an experiential tool of perception), and that past, present, future all exist simultaneously within the Eternal, is it possible to magnify one's prayers/meditations by tuning into and connecting with every positive, peaceful, joyful compassionate vibe that ever was, is and ever will be?..Can one can feel themselves joining in on the Mass Prayer/Meditation that is ALLways here within the Eternal Now? ...

If our thoughts direct our energy, what happens when we no longer think that our positive vibes are limited by time and space?..


P.S. I wrote this because I was inspired by what I agreed with and what I questioned about the following videos:

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Comment by rifunkymusic on September 21, 2008 at 10:42pm
very well said.
I concur.
Consciousness is everything. Everything is consciousness.


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