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Energizing your First Chakra

If you need to reenergize your base chakra you can try some of the following:

Take a warm bath.

Get a…


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The color of the First Chakra

The color red is associated with the root chakra and taking a moment to focus on an everyday red object, such as a flower, will help to keep this chakra in tune. We can also use red crystals or gemstones, such as rubies and garnets, to work with the root chakra.…


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Ground yourself in your first chakra

Chakras are more than just physical connections, however.

The first chakra connects the spirit with the physical world. To find a spiritual balance in the root chakra, focus on connecting your body and soul with the earth. Begin by grounding yourself by standing tall with your…


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First Chakra Continued

Located at the base of the spine, the Muladhara, also known as the root or base chakra, helps us relate to life force energy and helps to ground us. “Muladhara” actually means “foundation,” which really tells a lot about this…


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First Chakra

Sanskrit Name: Muladhara

Location: Base of Spine

Color: Red…


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More on Meditation

In Buddhism, meditation is often enhanced by meditation or singing bowls. As the name suggests, these instruments are bowls that produce a clear vibrant tone when played. The soft, continuous singing sound is produced by rubbing a mallet around the rim, much the same way a crystal goblet can be made to ring by rubbing a finger around its…


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Meditation continued

Meditation has other benefits. It is almost impossible to fully focus on two things at once and a mind that is completely absorbed in the feeling of each breathe, or in the vibrations of a chant cannot also be focused on its own troubles or unhappiness.…


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and the Chakras

I feel very strongly that our life is all about energy. Have you ever walked in a room and you could feel something wasn’t right? Your boss calls and tells everyone to be there in the morning for a meeting. Everyone is gathered not sure, but worried. The room feels of worry. That is energy. The same goes for a baby’s first birthday party. Everyone…


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Oms Part 2

The dot signifies the fourth state of consciousness, which looks neither outward, nor inward. This is the quiet, peaceful state of bliss that is the aim of spirituality. The semi-circle beneath the dot represents the maya, which separates the state of bliss from the three states of consciousness. The illusion of the maya keeps us from realizing the state of bliss but just as the semi-circle is…


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Oms part 1

Om is a sacred syllable in the Hindu, Buddhist and Jain religions. The meaning of the symbol is complex and differs somewhat in each religion but it can be viewed simply as a representation that helps us to realize the divinity and the energy that run through the entire universe.…


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Wearing Jewelry for healing and peace

As a person who has been in the "fine"jewelry industry for years I would never have thought about wearing much less making jewelry for healing. I also never really thought about its meaning. There are many symbols that different groups wear and people from every culture have used spiritual symbols to focus their energies, connect to the metaphysical world, and touch the divine. A symbol is simply an object, picture, word, sound or make that represents something else.In spirituality and…


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~Martin Luther King, Jr.



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