I feel very strongly that our life is all about energy. Have you ever walked in a room and you could feel something wasn’t right? Your boss calls and tells everyone to be there in the morning for a meeting. Everyone is gathered not sure, but worried. The room feels of worry. That is energy. The same goes for a baby’s first birthday party. Everyone is smiling and happy. People are laughing. If you walked in that room you would feel a joyful energy. Life is made up of energy. Chakras are energy. Energy is moved from the earth into our chakras. Like a plant that absorbs sunlight or water. It goes to the roots and then spreads the water and light through its limbs. This is what the energies of our chakras do. We all have chakras and they all are spinning. They are operating as a flow of energy. One of the things that I have most learned while studying the chakras is that I must have balance in my life.

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The Tree Posture in yoga is wonderful for helping with balance. To do this you will stand on both feet. Ground yourself and feel the earth. Wiggle your toes and have equal weight on your heels. Lift one leg up and either rest it on your ankle or above your knee (just never on the knee). I often put my hands in a prayer position in front but you can raise them over your head. At first you will wobble. Eventually your body will figure out what it needs to do to keep your tree from being windy. We need to be balanced in other aspects of our life. We need to let our mind and emotions figure out what they need to do to be in balance. We need to look at our reactions to things and decide if they are coming from a place of balance or imbalance. Are you simply reacting to something, or coming to the decision from a place from balance.

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