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The Gate Beautiful.......

The Gate is known of historically, but still exists in the minds of the enlightened who on finding it and passing through, experience the transformation of their spirituality. Their material world is then seen in its reality as a burden of mankind that can only be changed to joyous living through our spirituality.
Passing through the portals of the Gate brings great knowledge and enlightenment often described as a living fountain. Those who have passed…

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The Gate Beautiful.

The greatest adventure of a lifetime is far beyond human understanding of time and space. It is that of enlightenment of the human mind and transcends history by an introduction to a fountain of knowledge introduced through a gift of great love measured in universal proportions.…


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The writings of a philosopher and seer 2013.


The great Goliath of our ignorance of Universal Law is such that as spiritual beings we ignore our powers of evil. Materialism is mainly our goals in which greed for power plays a major part in our very short lifetimes. The enlightenment of our knowledge to greater levels of understanding reality is immeasurable, bringing great love and peace and available to all peoples.

Universal Law is such that it comes about when evil pervades a planet to such a level that…


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The Gift Beautiful explained further.

The Spiritual Intervention.…


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The Gift Beautiful


Metaphysics is timeless and mainly unrecognised through being an invisible universal power constituting some ninety-per-cent of reality. Spiritual intervention is part of the great deliverance of humanity preparing the way to love and peace. It has now begun through knowledge and enlightenment being understood through the discovery of Descartes' third eye being experienced as a spiritual sensor. This enables an individual to know of things as yet unseen and greatly beneficial to…


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Further enlightenment.

A new universal spiritual intervention has brought into being the philosopher/seer, to explain to those who already have spiritual wisdom a way forward for greater progress to peace and plenty. Such understanding can be transferred to those who already have these qualities but are lost to those who hold materialism as their way of life. It is therefore important to find the fertile ground in which to sow the most precious seed of truth.

Materialism is only ten per cent of our DNA with…


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Democracy threatened

Interesting reading ‘brainwashing of dangers regarding hemp’ as our brainwashing amounts to destroying our United Kingdom including our Scottish world-renowned landscapes with thousands of windmills as follows.…


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Prophecy explained.

Analysis of a new prophesy shows the protected nature of the subject as scientists cannot fully understand the metaphysical. Present day computers can only store such data but cannot interpret the meaning due to a poverty of mind by humanity. However to help and simplify understanding, prophesy is a method of working whereby the brain does not need to process information as normal but is given enlightenment that is easy and identifiable knowledge which is outside the sphere of the…


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The Evolution of Humanity 2012

The evolution of humanity in 2012.

Scientists worldwide have always seen the metaphysical as a field of

extreme difficulty for the basis of scientific proof. It has however

been discovered by two Russian scientists to be found in the DNA of

our make-up. This is where spirituality bridges the scientific gap

between our materialism that has created a great poverty of mind

and limiting our scientific discoveries.

The new spirituality is now created by…


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‎"Why should there be hunger and deprivation in any land, in any city, at any table, when man has the resources and the scientific know-how to provide all mankind with the basic necessities of life?"
~Martin Luther King, Jr.



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