Interesting reading ‘brainwashing of dangers regarding hemp’ as our brainwashing amounts to destroying our United Kingdom including our Scottish world-renowned landscapes with thousands of windmills as follows.


There is a democratic and also a dictatorial path for wind farm developments. Pray let us follow and claim our democratic rights that have been hard fought and died for, over many years.  

Benefits to the community are based on a financial income of a few hundred thousand pounds per year and are the well-known proverbial sop. This cannot be compared with the already proven income of millions from tourism over the same proposed period of time and worse still, seriously and adversely affect that same tourism now and in the future.

It will affect the highly acclaimed and unsurpassed beauty of our world-renowned Scottish landscapes and others elsewhere for many decades yet to come. This is brought about through our most precious democratic rights being flouted because of the great poverty of mind of a minority of peoples’ greed for power and wealth. This is the realm of the rich who easily turn poor economies to their great advantage – let us therefore protect and not lose our precious democracy. 

Selling the beauty of our land cannot be likened to the 'family silver' as it is belongs to everyone - and more importantly, is our peoples very future and our children's true heritage. The truth of that same heritage lies in the exquisite beauty of our countryside, created over millions of years and now threatened by man-made greed. This same poverty of mind is changing our beautiful countryside at this present time - that same beauty that speaks to our souls. All this has been created mystically for the benefit of our very beings as we continue to search for the truth that leads us to love the light of true freedom - even in this age of man-made darkness.


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