The Spiritual Intervention.

Realising that we are spiritual beings and not material beings, is the first step in our learning of the spiritual intervention of metaphysics. The greater make-up of our bodies appertain to the spiritual world of good and evil. Evil is self- evident through continual wars and suffering of millions. The spiritual intervention is not recognised for what it is - that of an invisible power to clear evil. This is most necessary and carried out to allow the meek to inherit the earth within a very short space of time and herald the new reality.

Warring will not cease by itself as it requires halting by spiritual intervention through universal law. This will bring peace and plenty through the death of thousands of evil doers who transgress at this time without repentance. The very reason for intervention - that of a failed planet based on corrupt materialism. It will comes as a great surprise to many, but suffering millions come first under universal law now developing to wipe out evil from the planet.

To understand such enlightenment puzzles many while others simply ignore such profound statements as they sound religious. The fact that a world can change in this way shows the power of the metaphysical universal law. This new world will now herald spirituality in a beautiful transition, as love and healing takes place. For those who think this is an outright religious statement - it is not, although it coincides with religious prophecies. The universal law is such that it must happen - to conclude the natural progression of humanity into a greater reality of the capacity of the human brain. Thomas.

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