The evolution of humanity in 2012.

Scientists worldwide have always seen the metaphysical as a field of
extreme difficulty for the basis of scientific proof. It has however
been discovered by two Russian scientists to be found in the DNA of
our make-up. This is where spirituality bridges the scientific gap
between our materialism that has created a great poverty of mind
and limiting our scientific discoveries.

The new spirituality is now created by the 'third eye' or pineal gland,
written of by Descartes in his 'Passions of the Soul' and enables
greater understanding and enlightenment to become the new basis
of our materialistic and spiritual development. This will lead to the
Truth being revealed of our failed nature that creates wars, poverty,
starvation and greed for power/wealth.

The belief that many call ourselves Holy and Ordained by God which
is a delusion of the human mind along with the inequality of women
and our brothers, that again stems from a great poverty of mind, in
comparison with the developing enlightenment started in 2012.
The good news is that, regardless of our opinions all this will develop
in a very short time as great changes take place. 

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