The Gate is known of historically, but still exists in the minds of the enlightened who on finding it and passing through, experience the transformation of their spirituality. Their material world is then seen in its reality as a burden of mankind that can only be changed to joyous living through our spirituality.
Passing through the portals of the Gate brings great knowledge and enlightenment often described as a living fountain. Those who have passed through in the past are often prophets and seers who have acted as messengers. Those who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear allows any person to seek the Gate of the mind until they find it. Great love is required and is the medium in which spirituality is born and grows out to reach and help others.
The Gate of the mind can only be opened by the human passion of knowing of our great need of spiritual guidance likened to our very breathing for life to continue. That same human passion guides the searching individual to learn of the reality around us and in so doing relinquish our materialistic nature. The change to that of understanding spiritual matters creates mental balance to cope with such enlightenment. This change then empowers us with knowledge and enlightenment far beyond our present understanding to help ourselves by serving others.  Love, Thomas.

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