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YES! Peace is possible.

Peace is possible as it begins in our hearts and minds that God gave us. We use our unique gifts and multiple intelligences as we seek and recognize the opportunities to promote peace. A tiny pebble in the lake. Soon we will really make waves of recurrent peace! For now, for our children, grandchildren and for theirs.
In peace, Judy

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What is the Zen master talking about

What is the Zen master talking about?

by Stewart W. Holmes

ETC: A Review of General Semantics

Vol. 50 Issue 2 Summer.1993


Intend in the following to make sense of Zen non_sense. Fundamental Zen

terms like "naturalness" and "emptiness" and "nothingness" are used in

disregard of the COIK principle: Clear Only If Known. For example, Shunryu

Suzuki, a Zen master, said, "It is absolutely… Continue

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4:16am, blues round my face,

embraced by pain of mourning,

and i'm not quite sure

what to say,


where are you?

what have you done before me?

so many lives lost in Burma,

so many that we just can't see,

enslaved by their government,


over 3,300 villages,

burnt to the ground,

the child soldiers, 70,000,

recruited bullied in by age 9,

no way to be,

no way to be,

Burma you've lost your charm,

why… Continue

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Book Review- A Handbook of a New Paradigm

I just finished reading a Handbook for a New Paradigm and found it an excellent read. It gives many ideas for shifting our consciousness and our experience here on earth, it also lead me to many deeper thoughts and awarenesses. It says that we must remember our personal responsibility perhaps with more focus on personal than responsible, that we need to honor free will and to remember the four basic laws of the universe: the law of attraction (this is not in a get rich (dollars) kind of way,… Continue

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A peace prayer

May the Lord of Love protect us.
May The Lord of Love nourish us.
May the lord of love strengthen us.
May we realize the Lord of Love.
May we live with love for all.
May we live in peace with all.

Om Shanti, shanti, shanti.

--Katha Upanishad.

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The Work of Byron Katie in Malawi Africa

From Facilitator of The Work, Kondwani, in Africa: (Taken from

The whole of last week I was doing the work with women in Malawi. Stella, in the green golf shirt has been inviting friends to read The Little Book and telling them what The Work is all about. I facilitated two women last week and they are free from their problem. One of them was abandoned by her husband 16 months ago. She is left with baby twins, about 8 months each. She was married some three… Continue

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"When you get it"

April 30, 2009 ( from:

Dearest Katie,

About two years ago I read Loving What Is and began my Work journey, this never ending internal life. After listening to the audio of the book, and subsequent audios, I sent you a letter, which ended up on the Parlor. I had quoted a section of the book, which I just could not at all understand at the time. That part about "When you get it, they'll get it. That's the law! It must be so" "They will follow."… Continue

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