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Welcome to my side of the world. This page is actually in the process stage. Just uploaded a couple of photos of my kids and as you can tell I just got started on this...I like the concept of peace and usually I find peace late at night once everyone is in bed for the night and I then I go to the spirit world. Herbal remedy...I hope not to offend anyone as the herb has been a part of peace since the dawn of peace. I've recently started going to therapy so I can get ahold of some of my anger… Continue

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N. Sri Ram:

Love is the only force known to man which it is not possible to vanquish by any threat, however dire, in any ordeal, however terrible, to which it may be put. In its purity it inspires to the most wondrous sacrifice.

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Important Message From "Dali Lama of Rainforest"

I think this message is important so I'm sharing it please click the link and read the full story!

'Dalai Lama of the rainforest' brings climate change warning to Britain - News from Survival Interna


A Yanomami Indian shaman from the Brazilian Amazon, dubbed ‘the Dalai Lama of the Rainforest’, will journey to Europe in June to give a message to world leaders in advance of… Continue

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conscious nutrition by Tony Samara

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border="0" alt="Moldavite Pictures, Images and Photos"/>

Video with brief description of Moldavite and many other things, crystals, copper etc etc

Moldavite is a translucent green meteoric gem, found only in what is now the Czech Republic. It is classed with the mysterious group of glassy objects called… Continue

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The Pyramids


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We can all do our share

It is up to all of use to do our share to bring love to our world. It is our responsibility to be part of the solution and not the problem. Today, I will continue to share the love I feel with others, so that they might feel more love for themselves. It is a beautiful world when we see it, and the symphony of life is there for all to hear, if you hear it. These are my thoughts as I begin my day. Please join me if you can.

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come be appart of a great blogg and team it is great and we would lave to have as many people that would like to join thanks. peace and love to all

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PROJECT PEACE ON EARTH: SEAY will be performing September 19th for the epic event & telecast!

SEAY been invited to perform on September 19 at an epic benefit event called, Project Peace On Earth - a global simulcast from several sites around the planet - unlike anything ever produced...More To follow

Thanks to all at Project Peace on Earth. Visit this link to learn more and how to get involved:

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Reprintable invitation to the World Peace March (please copy and send to all your friends)

Dear Friend [or their name here],

I would like to invite you to the biggest party you'll ever go to in your entire life! It'll be so big that it's incredibly unlikely that you and I will even SEE each other, but it would mean a lot to me to know that somewhere - across the vast reaches of the venue - you will also be there. There's no need to RSVP, though it would be nice if you did.

I'll tell you 2 truths, I hope that you can handle them:

I'm going to enjoy this party even if… Continue

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Are we doing ENOUGH???

I want to send out a collective hug to EVERYBODY who has joined up to !

The dialogue is excellent... and well appreciated. Like water in a desert as far as my present circumstances go...

The videos are inspiring.

The suggestions are useful.

But I have this question: Are we doing enough, if we're JUST batting ideas (and videos, poems, photographs, etc.) back and forth on this site?

Aren't we just "preaching to the converted"?

I mean, WHO even visits this… Continue

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Lets start again.


Lets start afresh

First things first

Its thirsty work

Free clean water

For all of us

Lets start anew

Home grown

Lets grow our own

Nutritious food

For all of us

Lets start again

Clothing we feel comfortable in

Environmentally friendly housing

For all of us

Come on

Lets have a bash

Lets see how Love can lift the burden

of the international financial crash

Lets… Continue

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Book Review- My Name is Chellis and I'm in Recovery From Western Civilization

Book Review- "My Name is Chellis & I'm in Recovery From Western Civilization" by: Chellis Glendinning

This is another excellent book! Another book whose praises I can't sing enough. Chellis explores how through our disconnect we suffer some of the most horrid abuses that man has experienced on earth and explores how that is manifested in our ancestral lines as well. She emphasizes the importance of healing ourselves to heal the earth and how reconnected with the earth is an… Continue

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What responsibility are you willing to take?

I'm just wondering how much you are willing to do to take responsibility for saving this planet. What if it literally means getting out of our "boxes" (houses, need for things... and to move back to a space where we can be in right relationship with nature?)

I'm wondering if enough people will ever take this seriously! Time to take action get out of our box and pay attention to the earth who is our mother! This is a beautiful… Continue

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A Planet Worth Saving

Welcome Home

We've Missed You.

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Another year to live peace

Thank you for the great birthday song. That is fun! And I want to celebrate every year as an opportunity
to promote peace, at home, in my family and community and world.
Peace to you!

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Best ad, best ed

best id, od ud.
don't you?

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Preface: Love Herding


Chapter one.


Love Herding

In the pasture of this world

I endlessly push aside my deep soul instinct

Encountering myriad obstacle I push aside the common sense

In search of true love


Following my own rivers,

lost upon the chaotic mind voices and fantasy

I seek the distant mountain of love,

My strength… Continue

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LOVE witout guns.

Once it was rediculous to believe we could control and reduce atomic weapons. Then we even got a restiction and internationally law against anti-personel mines ( land mines). Hopefully Clusterbombs will be the next. (I´ll put out a link to a petition later).

But we are intelligent. We are humans. Isn´t it more than just kind of weird that we should AT ALL produce weapons with the purpose to kill each other? Is that compasssion, is that intelligent? We are in 2009…

The… Continue

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Amazing Grace

This is amazing.

More and more

things are enfolding

I know deep inside,

the divine light is working.

This is amazing.

More and more,

paths are opening

at the right time, in the right place

This is amazing.

More and more,

I feel increasingly guided

I have a feeling,

That eternal light inside of me

has been lighted

In fact it has been glowing

all these years

It's been glowing,

without me…

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