Once it was rediculous to believe we could control and reduce atomic weapons. Then we even got a restiction and internationally law against anti-personel mines ( land mines). Hopefully Clusterbombs will be the next. (I´ll put out a link to a petition later).

But we are intelligent. We are humans. Isn´t it more than just kind of weird that we should AT ALL produce weapons with the purpose to kill each other? Is that compasssion, is that intelligent? We are in 2009…

The first handfull of idealists who wanted to stop the atomic race, fought against Goliath, but won. Let make a giant leap. Let us ask, demand for a totally stop for all weapon production! Use a second or twenty, to really realise what impact that would make for the global society and the human consciousness! Even if we start small, but standing tall, walk our walk, this should be possible. We have the internet, we have the connections, we just have to start our walk and talk!

Love, love, LOVE

Love, love, LOVE

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