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Petition for More Positive News

Petition for More Positive News. It's a petition through facebook for more solution oriented reporting in the media. Why bother?

Positive news gives people hope. It fills people with inspiration and uplifts them. This is good for the economy. When people feel good, they want to share more. They give more of themselves. They miss less work due to… Continue

Added by Eliana Gilad on February 27, 2011 at 4:00pm — 1 Comment

Existence and God

It's interesting how words can mean different things to different people. One person may say "I don't believe in God, but I know there is existence." Another may say "I know there is existence, and to me.. all of existence, all that is seen and unseen, is God."

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12seconds for Peace - Trance Drummer - 3

Trance Drummer has just sent in another video and one that completes the Trance Drummer trilogy of videos on 12seconds for Peace! We are very happy to see you back with this video and for continuing your support for this project.


Steve Gooch for 12seconds for…

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Being Responsible For What We Put Out There

There is so much that we know now, about consciousness and energy, that requires us to step up and be responsible for our actions. Everything is energy. Energy is vibration. Thought is a measurable wave form. Our energy effects the energy of others. Positive energy waves are large, and cancel out shorter, smaller, negative energy waves. And yet it is hard to find anything but negativity in the media. Our brains process everything that we perceive - what we watch, listen to, and read. Why are…


Added by Kristen Hartnagel on February 23, 2011 at 2:00pm — 1 Comment

Total World Peace

If every single individual person were at peace in their own mind, there would be total world peace. So, everybody has to change one's own mind.

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12seconds for Peace - Jessica Gilbert/Talent Spotlight Magazine

It is with great pleasure that 12seconds for Peace brings you a video from Jessica Gilbert; the founder and editor of Talent Spotlight Magazine, which featured an interview with me in the January issue, as was reported here on the 1st February.

It is wonderful to have Jessica and Talent Spotlight…

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making the world a better place


My peace is connected to your peace, and our peace will heal the world.  The One God of the Abrahamic tradition implores us to make the world a better place, and the message from my PhD thesis, from Jews, Christians and Muslims, is to be hospitable.  Open your heart, your mind, your home, your synagogue, your church, your mosque to the "other" and speak to them deeply, with mercy and compassion.  Find out what you can do, together, to heal, to supply the human needs of humanity, for…


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★¸.·´¯☽¸.♥i have a little blank book★¸.·´¯☽¸.♥

★¸.·´¯☽¸.♥i have a little blank book★¸.·´¯☽¸.♥ i keep it under my pillow★¸.·´¯☽¸.♥ for when i can not sleep★¸.·´¯☽¸.♥ i open it and read between the lines★¸.·´¯☽¸.♥ nothing is seen★¸.·´¯☽¸.♥ just felt in the heart★¸.·´¯☽¸.♥keep on keeping on★¸.·´¯☽¸.♥ for peace will prevail★¸.·´¯☽¸.♥i like my little blank book★¸.·´¯☽¸.♥it opens my heart and mind★¸.·´¯☽¸.♥to what really matters★¸.·´¯☽¸.♥ world peace★¸.·´¯☽¸.♥

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CreativeCharityClubCompany - GODOGOOD INTERNATIONAL







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Powerful, Moving video

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12seconds for Peace Links Up with the Create Peace Project

12seconds for Peace is in the process of linking up with the Create…

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may we have enough to give to others

may you have enough on your plate to share ~ may we have enough but not too much ~ as we help one another each and everyday ~ may we have unconditional love that grows and blossoms ~ as we walk each day on the rainbow trail ~ of peace love and unity ~ where we are all one ~ living together in our rainbow tribe of many colors ~ may we have enough to give to others ~ namaste

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‎~lovely butterflies and bees fluttering outside of my window ~ lovely birds bathing and singing in the water foundation ~ lovely day this is being here with all of you ~ sending sunshine and love your way ~ on this beautiful friday morning ~ i love you ~ (((((((HUGS))))))) ~ namaste

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12seconds for Peace - An Interview with Talent Spotlight Magazine, January 2011

It was with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I recently accepted the chance to do an interview for Talent Spotlight Magazine with the magazine's founder; Jessica Gilbert. Ranging across my work as a writer and artist and my involvement with Reiki and of course the motivations and creation of the global peace phenomenon '12seconds for Peace', Jessica's interview covers a lot of ground and I hope that you find it as interesting to read, as I did to…

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