Being Responsible For What We Put Out There

There is so much that we know now, about consciousness and energy, that requires us to step up and be responsible for our actions. Everything is energy. Energy is vibration. Thought is a measurable wave form. Our energy effects the energy of others. Positive energy waves are large, and cancel out shorter, smaller, negative energy waves. And yet it is hard to find anything but negativity in the media. Our brains process everything that we perceive - what we watch, listen to, and read. Why are we content to fill our lives with such smallness. Positive media is necessary.

I work in schools with teenagers, many of whom do not have positive influences at home. They tell me they don't like Rihanna anymore because "it's her fault that Chris Brown is in the trouble he's in" - they are declaring that his beating her was alright. Kids are grabbing each other's body parts in the hallway, thinking that's flirting. It is difficult to find anything on television that models functioning relationships. It is difficult to listen to pop =popular radio, and find music that doesn't have explicit sex and excessive drinking as it's subject. We can't continue to allow money to be the only bottom line. How can we allow those in charge of the media to live in two separate worlds; one saying that television doesn't influence our behavior and the other taking millions of advertising dollars from companies who are willing to pay that kind of money to influence our behavior. 

Please don't get me wrong. I do believe in freedom of expression. I am not about censoring. I just believe that the current governing philosophy that things need to be sensationalized, sexual, exploitive, demeaning, barbaric, rude and high-speed is so overexposed that we are now poised and ready for other ways of expression.

I'm moved daily by beauty and acts of kindness and expressions of love and joy, and often I hear the thought in my head "I wish everyone could see this"! I am so thankful for outlets like MyPeace.TV, Postive Message Music Association, Spiritual Cinema Circle, The Peace Alliance and countless other organizations who are all about being the change they wish to see. Spread the news that we're ready for some new ways. We don't need to obliterate what no longer serves us - that is using negative to combat negative. We need to proliferate what does serve us -anything that extends love, joy and peace. 


Thanks for your help.

Please consider watching and sharing some of my original positive message songs/videos:

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Love and Light, 

Kristen Hartnagel

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Comment by Lorraine Cook on May 5, 2011 at 12:25pm
Our actions could define what kind of people we truly are and it might also decide what kid of future generations we want to have. With the kind of world we are living in where vice and cruelty seems to be a part of the society, it cannot be avoided that children at a very young age might also adopt what they see. If we have noticed, more people are having trouble dealing with their lives not only financially but also emotionally. The root of that problem was because of some family issues when they were young. It may be due to jealousy in relationships between their parents, cheating, lying, harassing, which lead those children to do the same when they got older. We hope we spread more love this time to the youth for them also to express it more for the future.


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