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Album Review by JOHN MITCHELL…

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Taking Blues to New Places with R&B, Southern Soul, and Urban Style:


Taking Blues to New Places with R&B, Southern Soul, and Urban Style :

"One of the very Best Authentic Modern Blues and Soul albums…


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The Billy Jones Story: ...the times and travels of an american bluesman.

..genuine road-hardened delta blues outlaws. ..southern soul meets blues funk


...the times and travels of an american blues band.



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27 years ago, in the early sojourn of PM John Major, Metamorphosis (my painting used during the anti-war movement in the southwest) echoed a shift…

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World Laughter Day- World Peace through Laughter

World Laughter Day is customarily celebrated on the first Sunday of May every year. The celebration of this day is a positive manifestation for world peace and is intended to build up a global consciousness of brotherhood and friendship through laughter. We have thousands of laughter clubs in over 100 countries and it is fast becoming a global family. Our mission is to bring good health, joy and world peace through laughter.

On this day, laughter club members, their friends and…


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Happy Diwali

‘Jyot se Jyot jagaate chaol, Prem ki Ganga bahaate chaloo…’
Allow the Ganges of Love to flow…Now

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Do you know the signs and symptoms of lung cancer, lung disease and heart disease?

African Caribbean and South Asian communities urged to be aware of symptoms of lung cancer, lung disease and heart disease – all leading causes of death in England


  • Public Health England launches its first national campaign to raise awareness of symptoms of lung cancer,…

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A petition of compelling for Mr. Bernie Sanders; Read, Sign & Share!

Good afternoon my fellow #Berniecrats! Please read, sign & share this #petition from immediately...Thank you! #FeelTheBern

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Love All-Knowing - An Epic Spiritual Poem

A simplistic and profound devotional ode to the spiritual well-being of all mankind. It's Lao Tzu meets Dr. Suess. A confession of spiritual struggles and ecstasies and a uniting of religious paths.

A small excerpt:

"thoroughly, at age twenty six my world inverted upside down

while coming to understand things beyond any noun…


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Classic nike shoes of the era

Your nike yeezy 2 shop collection is probably the 70's wrinkles linked to shoes plus shoes developed by Nike. The setting to the Nike Dunk started off inside 1985 whenever Nike approached a number of higher education golf baseball coaches as well as teams with regards to special privileges to aid gearing their coaches along with teams inside of footwear. The benefit to acquire a college have been which an…


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Emergent LENR Energy

Time to thank you all for connecting with me. Here are a few of my favorite sites where you can explore the emerging technology of LENR energy.

LENR Proof

LENR Cities

LENR Invest …


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Some Thoughts About Our Great Potential

Dear Friends and Peacemakers,

I recently posted these thoughts about the great potential we have to break destructive cycles in our world:

Please share if you are inspired to. 

With Love and Gratitude,


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The Chattanooga Shooting...9/11 Military "Recruiting Centers," and former President George W. Bush...

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee - Earlier today a lone gunman walked into a U.S. Military Recruiting Center in Hamilton County, TN. and opened fire wounding and then killing two U.S. Naval Recruiting Officers, and injuring multiple others, he then left and drove several miles away to a U.S. Marine installation, in the same county, and shot and killed two U.S. Marines, and injured several others there before either turning the weapon that he had, presumably a high-powered automatic weapon, on himself…


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Animal World USA Announces AW-USA Int'l Weeks for the Animals Schedule for 2015!

WASHINGTON, DC-- Animal World USA-International is pleased to announce that the 2015 AW-USA-Int'l campaign will be celebrated in over 25 U.S.states along with the United Kingdom, Africa and India.

"As we move forward, Animal World USA-International seeks to not only join resources but to also encourage citizens and businesses to work for the planet and animals together in friendship," states AW-USA Int'l founder Michelle…


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Sinterklaas day and festival/parade later today

Sinterklaas day. Dec. 5 (usually in Holland, Dec 5)

Its Saturday Dec. 6, I am excited about attending with Family and friends, SINTERKLAAS  festival and parade today a 6:30 (and all day) in Rhinebeck NY..

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Peace… Shalom… Salaam….

I recently posted these thoughts about the potential for peace in the Middle East and the World. 

Please read and share if you're inspired to. 



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Hello My Friends... This is Christopher, The Digi Dude, Starman, Man Of Peace, From The FYI Networks and More, HELP, URGENT!!!!

Hello My Friends... This is Christopher, The Digi Dude, Starman, Man Of Peace, From The FYI Networks, New Earth Media Networks, Digital Publishing, WEYW 19 TV & Internet and More... You all know me from some where on the internet with the many fundrasiers which I have done for Compassion International, The Imagine Peace festival, The Help Haiti Live Concert and many more as well as the many cool sights and networks like,, New Earth Media…

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