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Threat to Freedoms


Medicare for All (socialized medicine so called by some) is not a threat to our freedoms or our democracy (or republic).  The real threat to our freedoms is the continual concentration of power/authority/money into the hands of fewer and fewer individuals or groups.  This is true regardless of who those individuals or groups are.   I'm sure that you have heard of the concept that "money is the root of all evil".  That''s not to say that money is inheritantly is to say that…


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What More Are You Willing To Fight for????? Affordable Housing? The Human Right to Housing?


This will be the main topic of discussion at the next Homeless advocacy meeting at the CCNV Shelter. But it is a good question for all homeless/housing advocates to address:
Now that the DC Council has restored funding for homeless shelters and certain other Human Services, will you be satisfied or fight for even greater improvements like the creation of affordable housing and the realization of housing as a Human…

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DC Homeless People march on City Hall

     On April 14th, 2011, the Coalition of Housing and Homeless Organizations (COHHO) held its monthly meeting. We discussed the devastating impact that Mayor Vincent Gray's proposed budget cuts to Human Services for FY 2012 will have on DC's poor and homeless community. (There were about 30 people in the room of which about 5…

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A Road Less Traveled

This painting represents the days when people took the back roads to their vacation spot. The journey there was just as important as the destination. A picnic on the roadside table or the pull over views. Get off the interstate once in a while and take "A road less traveled"… Continue

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Greybeard Cavalier / Will Dockery, P.D. Wilson & Brian Fowler

Greybeard Cavalier / Will Dockery, P.D. Wilson & Brian Fowler:




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Rashad's Peace messsage in his School

Dear friends please visit this you tube Video to see my visit to my school on School day of Lasalle High School Faisalabad as chief guest & the honor what they gave me made me cry. I am grateful to them. Please visit this you tube video


Regards, love & peace


Former Chairman: Hope Development Organization



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Join my discussions on my FB page

At Art by Rain Crow I try to post discussions about not just my art but all art forms and all artists. Would love for you to join in and post your ideas, art work, or just hang out. Click the like button and speak what's on your mind. Could use some "peaceful" friends.You can use the link above or search Art by…


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Let's Bring Back Flower Power!

Back when we had people like John Lennon and Martin Luther King, Jr., there was always a peaceful rally or protest of some sort going on. Nowadays, these things rarely happen. Whatever happened to all those ideas of peace? Did they decline with the Flower Power generation?

If we are willing enough to fight for the peace our world needs, then we can bring back those times. It's time we start making a statement again; an impact. We must be noticed. The words of peace and love must be…


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Into the Storm

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Lock Terrorism

Osama Or Obama

I painted both,

Osama in water Color, Obama  in Ahimsaism Art Style

After so many years its COMES TRUE that the water color meets its destination the WATER GRAVE.

9 / 11; The Might of America was  Shaken by Osama Bin Laden,,,,its come true even in death, since the corps of Osama  meets the WATER GRAVE it speaks for…


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Breaking the Cycle

Peacemakers and Friends, 


With news of Osama Bin Laden's death, many people feel safer and that justice was served. I can understand that, and do not judge anyone for feeling this way. Yet, I cannot help but question... What is humanity's potential to break the cycle of extreme violence? What can we do to achieve this potential? And how do we set constructive examples for the world's children?…


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