Karla Solano

The society we live in has a way of influencing human kind in becoming very competitive in order to get ahead. This approach to life is a sword of double edge; while it is necessary to take charge of our lives so that we may accomplish success in our careers and in our studies, it is important not to get caught up in a cycle where we feel the need to be controlling.

Human kind has a tendency to take everything to an extreme. We become so obsessed with the concept of “making it” in the material world that we lose track of what is really important such as family, friends, and our well being. How many times have we gotten so caught up in getting ahead in our career, spending endless hours at our job that we even forgot what is like to come home for dinner to a spouse and children? Or what about the times when the stress of our job takes over causing our hearts to malfunction or an ulcer to appear? Unfortunately, we have become so accustomed to controlling our lives in such a way that we self destruct.

There is a natural process that takes place in life; everything has an order of being. Therefore, no matter how fast paced our life becomes; our body is wise enough to shut down when we are overworking ourselves, forcing us to slow down. Failing to pay attention to the wisdom within our bodies can result in the collapsing of our body, the disharmony in the relationships with our loved ones and the unhappiness in our surroundings.

The only upside to becoming run down is that we may start to wonder if in fact wanting to control every aspect of our lives is worth getting sick and losing our family over. Life is too precious to let it go by without taking time to really enjoy the things we work so hard for.

Do not get trapped in a way of living that can only justify your means to make money which offers no spiritual reward. Instead, look within and recognize that our lives are already provided for by a higher being and if we allow this abundance to flow from within, it can be manifested in our physical world.

Just look around you, sit in a park and watch as the birds find food to feed their offspring and themselves, or how the trees and flowers blossom every spring rejuvenating after feeding from the rain and the sun’s energy. Aren’t we as a human race as important as the nature surrounding us, to be provided for by this higher being? Think about it!
I know we live in a world governed by greed and power, but that should not stop us from trying to look beyond what is physical to find abundance, love and well being in a higher plane of existence. Because there is a lot more than what they eye can see and it is waiting to be discovered when we decide to open ourselves to receiving it.

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