If your life was a garden and your attention was the water, how would you tend your garden? Well, I have an idea about that...

In this metaphor, the trick is to remember that you cannot use force to cultivate a garden, you must use power. So, how do we get rid of the weeds in our garden? Rememeber that our attention is the water of life, so you must not water the weeds. In fact, any attempt to pull up the weeds will only make them stronger because you are now actively giving your attention to the weeds.

(To use your mind to direct your attention is power, to try to control a circumstance that you do not like is force)

In fact, if you get angry at the weeds, they become stronger. If you become sad about the weeds, they become stronger. If you are jealous of the weeds, they become stronger. If you envy the weeds, they become stronger. If you get frustrated with the weeds, they become stronger.

So what are we to do about these things?!

Well, what does every weed need to grow and thrive? It needs water, or in this case it needs your attention. So, instead of giving your attention to the weeds, give them to the flowers in your garden. The beautiful flowers in your garden could be your family, your friends, your home, your work, your art, your passion, your creativity, your spiritual practice, your abundance of money, your material possessions, it matters not. If they are something that you want, that brings you joy, that elevates your vibrational rate of attraction, then they are your flowers. Don't give away the water that they need to the weeds, give it to the flowers.

Don't focus upon what you don't want, focus upon what you do...and watch as your garden grows more vibrant each day!


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Comment by MiraCulous on August 21, 2008 at 6:49pm

Glorious! Planting Peace & Love <333


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