What heights would we soar to if we knew that we were deserving and worthy of having/doing/being whatever we wanted to have/do/be?

The most rampant issue amongst the would be spiritual seeker/practitioner, by far, is that of deserving and worthiness.

I mean, would the world not already be completely transformed if all of the amazing souls on the spiritual path felt as if they were deserving and worthy of creating whatever they wanted in life?

Answer: YES!

Think about it for a second, isn't it usually the most gentle and timid amongst us that doesn't feel deserving and worthy? Yep. And, aren't these the people that you would much rather have in charge of big things, like political offices, bills, laws, gov't regulations, etc? Yep. And, aren't these the most least likely souls to cause suffering or harm to another? Yep. And, wouldn't it be nice if these were the very souls that were running things instead of getting run over? Yep.

It's a nice fantasy, but can we make it a reality?

What have you not allowed yourself to do in this lifetime, this incarnation? What secret dreams, hopes, left turns at alberque, big life decisions and small ones, have we not allowed ourself to make/take?

It took me a long time to realize some of the really small things in my life were actually really big problems(lessons). For instance, I remember when I used to drive by the fancy restaurants where people were dressed in suits and say to myself, "What a bunch of pompous a$$holes!". In fact, this was one of many ways in which I acted out my unconscious feelings of undeserving and unworthiness. What I didn't realize at the time was that I would attack whatever I felt unworthy of having or doing. It was 'beneath me'. I was somehow exalted to above and beyond the petty needs of dressing nice for restaurants, or having luxory cars, having a lot of money, or even enjoying my life.


In other words, I began to create judgements about people, places, and things that I felt unworthy of in order to rationalize the feeling that I couldn't have it. Are you with me here? This is the unconscious backdoor to your core limiting beliefs of deserving and worthiness. If you have an emotional reaction to someone who has the life that you want, chances are it's just because they are showing you what you really want. And, you don't believe that you could ever create that for yourself. It's painful to see reminders of what you believe you cannot have, but secretly covet.

Here's a hint: Every single soul that incarnates on the planet, and all those that haven't yet, are deserving and worthy of creating whatever they want. Period. I only add one rule to this, which is "as long as you do not harm another in the process". That's it. Other than that, you really do have permission to create whatever you want.

There are no "shoulds" or "shouldnt's", that's merely a belief in limitation. Even this so called "Gas crisis" is just a belief in limitation that is being created to drive the masses towards panic and loss of control. There is always unlimited abundance at our finger tips, you have to step out of the box to see it. There are so many alternative energy sources available to us that by the time we run out of gas we will have created another, even more efficient way to propel our automobiles. Guaranteed.

Economic downturn? Not for me. For me it's all about creating what you want 24/7. Well, you have to believe that you are deserving and worthy of that, and I admit that I still work on that every day. However, I know enough to not limit the Universe with my own limiting beliefs about it. How dare I anyway, right?! The Universe says to me, "Christo, why do you constantly try to limit me thus?" And I say, "Darn it, I don't mean to! Sorry!". Our dialogue continues this way, as I keep getting gentle reminders that I need not limit myself so much if I don't want to. Although, you can if you like. Maybe it's fun to pretend like we have to have an economic downturn and depend upon limited gas supply and begin to cut out expenses and....not me baby.

Gentle Souls, draw the sword and begin to cut away the dark half of "gentle". The dark half of gentle is the side that says, "But, it's good to be kind to people, even when they take advantage of me." Bullshit. All you do is internalize your own anger and then develop some sort of illness because you never expressed one of the most natural things in the world. The sword is your own desire to defeat part of your ego that believes in suffering at the hand of another. As if it were noble to allow someone to come into your house and take what you have worked so hard for. That is not noble, that is stupid. What is noble is the ability to rise again, after you have hit rock bottom. Rise again, step up to the challenge, and become even more. That is nobility.

Now is the time for the gentle souls of the earth to begin the process of integration. Integrate that gentleness with the aggressive ability to create your own reality. As the flower blooms aggressively, so shall you begin to claim a space for yourself on this planet aggressively. Natural aggression is perfect. It is what propels us forward. Unnatural aggression is aggression combined with anger, jealousy, lust, envy, or greed. So use your natural aggression, that has been waiting for you, to claim a space and begin to effect change on this planet.

After all, you are deserving and worthy of it.

God bless


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