Abundance&Prosperity or EconomicDownturn&Limitation

I choose Abundance and Prosperity, just speaking for myself.

What if it really all was just an illusion? What if it was, sort of you know, like a game? What if all we really came here to do was learn, grow, and create what we want?

I asked myself these questions amongst others.

I asked myself, "Well, what about the state of the Earth? What about the starving children? What about wars, famine, and plague? What about the dwindling oxygen supply in the world? What about the whales? What about all of the endangered species? What about poverty? What about abuse?"

These are tough questions to ask yourself right before your getting ready to meditate upon what you want, construct your day, create your reality.

But, what if there is always always always more than enough for everyone? What if the only reason that we, you, I, them, they, us, cannot see it is because we don't believe it exists? What if, when you believe strongly enough in limitation, that you create massive limitation for yourself? And, what if an entire nation believes strongly enough in limitation, do they not then create massive limitation for themselves as a nation?

Here is a hint: I have noticed that the more a person or group of people believes in limitation, the more likely they are to hurt someone or hurt the Earth. The more someone or some group of people believe that there is a scarcity, the more likely they are to pillage the Earth and kill people to obtain resources.

Here is a word, "competition". In the positive aspects, it can drive people to achieve new amazing things. In the negative, it drives people to consume and hoard resources. Limitation breeds competition. Competition perpetuates the idea of limitation. When you believe you have to compete to survive, you have plugged into the idea of limitation, that you do not have a unique contribution. This is false thinking. Every single person has a unique contribution to make. However, if you do not believe in yourself, you will feel as if you need to update your resume and plug into the system. You will then hope and pray that you are the one to get "the" job instead of the other 15 applicants.

This is no way to live. The first step to unplugging from limitation is to breathe in the idea that you are here for a reason and you have a purpose. Everyone does.

The next step is to give up on the idea of competition. Just, give up on it. Let it go. It is an illusion, nothing more. If you believe in it, then you will create a reality that supports and validates it. You will say, "Yes, but I have to do better than the next guy, otherwise he will get my resources and my job." This is just not true. If you believe this way you will see the world through horse blinders, a very narrow version of an unlimited potential.

Back when I used to do personal training and rehabilitation full time in LA, I remember quite well the feeling of competition. I mean, every other person is an waiter/trainer/actor. You are going up against your friends brother who will train people in thier basement for $25/hour! It was crazy! However, this enabled me to learn one of my most valuable lessons in life of all time, the illusion of competition. There is always enough for everybody, more than enough.

From there, when I moved up to the Bay Area, I decided that I was going to just affirm and visualize clients. When I arrived in the Bay Area I did very little advertising and marketing, which was the opposite of when I was in LA. Amazingly, it worked. And, I personally knew tons of trainers in the Bay Area who were struggling with very few clients. I became packed with clients right away, and hardly ever had to worry about anything. Fellow trainers would ask me, "Hey, how do you market so well? Where do you place your ads? Do you use the radio?" etc.

When I would tell them that the first step is to create a solid spiritual foundation via some sort of spiritual practice, they would become disinterested. They preferred to run around in circles the way I used to do in LA, chasing shadows. Mysteriously, they all seemed to be experts on the economy and state of the nation. "We are in an economic downturn" or "There are just too many trainers, not enough clients" or "There is no traffic in this gym" or "People just aren't buying training right now" or "It's the gas prices".

When you shift your thinking into a higher vibrational pattern by focussing your attention upon what's good, you shift your very self into an augmented reality. It may be tough to ignore the physical reality around you, or even tougher to ignore all of the people plugged into limitation and competition, and yet this is what you will have to do if you wish to create abundance and prosperity.

Your words, thoughts, and deeds are all powerful. Monitor what you are thinking, feeling, and doing at all times. Do this consistently while focussing upon what you want in life and you will reap the rewards of a limitless Universe.

God bless


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