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Who Are The Global Village Women?


The Global Village Women promote random acts of kindness. The purpose is to show appreciation, which creates a chain reaction of active demonstration of more love and more kindness in the world. Resulting in revealing the hidden door to our positive nature.

Our world is shifting back to a place where we are “one”. Frequencies are rising. Automatically, many people are choosing to end dead-end relationships and surrounding… Continue

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New! Just finished the first series on honoring, Global Village Women

It's all about honoring and appreciating women, mother, sister, daughter, girlfriend, grand daughter, grandma. This is meant as a random act of kindness that will created and promote another act of kindness. The $5 profit on the paintings just covers the paint. One dollar for each sale will be donated to honoring a women or a women's group to support women.

I am very excited and happy to do this as an artist. If you have a womens group in mind for the donation to go to, or even a… Continue

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Is My Spiritual Practice Working?

Human evolution has brought us to a place where spirituality is all inclusive. It is important, however, to really get what this REALITY is before you can do spiritual work, otherwise, meditating, yoga, classes, religion wastes your time. It is like ...putting a pretty white pillow over a mud puddle. The mud just seeps through. Here is an analogy from the teachings of A. Ramana Maharshi that should clear it up for you.

What if this life were a… Continue

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Agreements are Spiritual Flow! (Keep your agreements and keep the drama out of your daily life)

From the teachings of Ramana Maharshi

Agreements are spiritual flow. After making an agreement (even with yourself) that you want to change, you must contact the other party and get an acceptable NEW agreement. This is a simple fact not a judgment. If you do not change agreements using this SPIRITUAL LAW you upset your own flow and you will soon see a result of mishaps and drama in your life. So this is all about you, and your own happiness. Get… Continue

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Artist's Call

Artists organically access the stillness:

A place where is not quiet. After all, silence can be rather loud.

A place where pink can crisply shout like red and..

A music note can balance on a hummingbird's wing.

We all, artist or not, are enlightened, awake and access the stillness every moment. Maybe, you have just simply forgotten. We are all the same. It is up to all up us to love as much as possible, be kind as much as possible, and be open to the… Continue

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‎"Why should there be hunger and deprivation in any land, in any city, at any table, when man has the resources and the scientific know-how to provide all mankind with the basic necessities of life?"
~Martin Luther King, Jr.



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