Human evolution has brought us to a place where spirituality is all inclusive. It is important, however, to really get what this REALITY is before you can do spiritual work, otherwise, meditating, yoga, classes, religion wastes your time. It is like ...putting a pretty white pillow over a mud puddle. The mud just seeps through. Here is an analogy from the teachings of A. Ramana Maharshi that should clear it up for you.
What if this life were a movie? You are the producer, director, writer and all the actors.
If this were true you are writing the script, you are creating chapters or scenes that will help you clear the issues you have. The fight, the bad realtionship, as well as the joyful experiences is a blessing. They are not be about you being wronged. You have planned those events to get farther in your spiritual growth. The reality is, that there is only one.
See where all spiritual teachers are saying the same thing. The next blogs will explain more and also explain why you have a body. Don't waste this lifetime on nonsense.


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