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"24 Peaces" needs your help


I am seeking your help. Until now, I have been a on a one man mission to produce the '24 Peaces' project. Now, I seek your help.

I created '24 Peaces' to empower humanities' possibility for peace in an artistic and monumental way. I am committed to that now more than ever and I would like to start sharing that journey with you. I am looking to complete the project within the next 2 years. The first 2 years have produced 4 peacemakers, which I am grateful for, but am confident… Continue

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Promoting World Peace through Responsible Mass Communications

A world sans frontiers where man works for the welfare of man

should be the ultimate aim of humanity itself

While such is a tall order, it is not impossible at all.

I believe that the mass media have the capacity to play a leading role in attaining a world of peace through responsible mass communications.

“In 1945, the United Nations put a premium in its charter the purpose of maintaining international peace and security, and to that end: to take effective and… Continue

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Music On A Mission

As an artist, it is my goal to illuminate, enlighten and somehow show the way to a more positive, harmonious and healthy outlook on life. Ever since I was a child I have been acutely aware of music and its power and influence. As I think back to pivotal points in my life growing up, I realize that there has been a soundtrack that corresponds to every milestone that I have passed, and that certain songs have helped to shape the way I think and feel about things as it relates to my fellow human… Continue

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Grounding through nature


Karla Solano

Life experiences tend to take us in a roller coaster ride of emotions and it can be very easy to lose ourselves in the midst of all the emotional battles. However, I have found it very useful and nurturing to ground myself by connecting with nature.

We can learn so much from nature by just sitting in a park, observing and breathing the fresh air that it has to offer. It is extremely powerful to sit under a tree with your back reclined on its trunk… Continue

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I would like to remind those who already know and invite those that don't, about the Billion Drums for Peace, which will be held all over the world at the same exact time for 1 hour!. Central time will be 7 pm. That's this Friday night..9/18/09.....please become a part of this massive pulse......
In light

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‎"Why should there be hunger and deprivation in any land, in any city, at any table, when man has the resources and the scientific know-how to provide all mankind with the basic necessities of life?"
~Martin Luther King, Jr.



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