One of the Beautiful things about the internet....
We, as a World are growing ever Closer!
Contacts remain and past friends unite!
Thoughts portrayed, displayed at the speed of light.
New families a World a part, now Can touch each others hearts.
Smile, Cause the World can feel your thoughts!

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Comment by Jill Yodels on February 26, 2009 at 1:14am
Yes it is a shrinking world in the facts you mention above. Yes the world can feel thoughts. Some how with all this going on, and the World now has an avenue such as the computer and fine groups as this, I sometime feel we are all shrinking in a strange way behind our cubicles, looking for freedom, love, hearts. I wonder if it is only I who see it this way, perhaps due to my situation in life. For me the computer is my only contact to people who care what I really do as of the place I now live. I do wonder however, if we all are not falling away from each other in or society, and hiding our hearts, minds. Not in this group. Just for those in society in general today. Late night thought. Something to kick about I suppose. Jill
Comment by Susan White Hicks on April 27, 2009 at 1:49am
It's so envigorating to finally see the internet used for good. I hope the word gets out and more souls are fed with the news!


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