There is very little that is really magikal but the heart of a child.

When I was a child, when the lights went out...against my will...I hid beneath white sheets and made a narrow hole with just enough room to breathe... and I prayed to a loving something out there I called "God" and asked that "God" to protect me in my sleep.... All the while, still I clung tightly to those sheets.. When my restlessness would turn to sleep...I flew above the housetops of my

Escaping the dinosaurs that roamed in my head... way high I flew beyond the monsters who lived beneath my bed.... and I flew... and I flew on into that dark sky....illuminated by my very being... the light I had inside.... I felt so at home there... up there in the sky.... flying high with my will above the desert... and then... letting go...glidiing down then up above and below the powerlines like a game.... Just just before I could not go down any more... with the same will, I soared up again...

My little rainbow faerie princess wanted me to hold her while she fell asleep... She said, "DaDee, I don't want to go sleep." She then said, " I always have bad dreams." I said, ""Always? How could that be? Don't you dream other good dreams?" She said "Well, sometimes, I dream of walking on rainbows and riding a unicorn." My little one then said, "Sometimes I dream of faeries and things." I told my little one to think on those things... She whimpered and whined for a little bit more. She was drifting off to sleep and I told her, " I love you my little angel faerie." She said with a whisper, while she still seemed asleep, "I love you DaDee." I lay there for a moment, before I got up and thought how there must be another world out where children go to soar above the clouds... a place where good faeries live...and unicorns too... a place out there beyond the beyond... out there somewhere beyond even time and space... where children find a refuge from the storms of their life... I kissed my little one on the forehead and I thought how much alike we are...

I dropped my little one off at her school, paid her lunch ticket and then had a flat tire. I bought a used tire and went far away to work, spent time teaching a wonderful young blind lady who is getting her GED; it was a long day but I went on to work with a man who has lost most of his vision...helping him with the right words to write and to say while applying for a job. My week is filled with driving miles and miles... and then I do even more miles of paerwork. I then drove across serveral counties to my flat by the bay. I had worked too long on this day and I was tired... I went over the harbour bridge... and parked down on the beach below... I sat in my car just trying to forget that it was only the 3rd day of the month and how my check was almost already gone... I thought how I love my work... but how it doesn't seem fair that work doesn't pay for even the basics anymore... I have to have a car... so I can visit the folks I see....

I have to have a place to stay...even if I don't run the A/C in the Texas heat here in August... because it would cost too much... I was sitting there in my car... followed a seagul as it flew toward the water... and low and behold... a rainbow appears... Aha... another gift from my rainbow faerie child.... The rainbow was filled with beautiful colors but it only went up halfway into the clouds... and then the most extraordinary thing happened... out of the middle of the cloud an opening appeared... and while I knew it was just an optical illusion... a vertical shaft of light came right out of that cloud and there seemed to be a rainbow beam shining out of it... Impossible, I know, but there it was... my own magikal event and it cheered me up...

I woke up this morning and my thoughts were of my faerie princess who lives with her mother far away. I thought of my little one and her unicorn... and now I just know that she was returning the favor from me watching over her while she went to sleep...sending comfort to me when this world sometimes feels like a waking bad dream... I thank whatever being of light sent my little one to me... I also thank the light or that other litlle piece of G-d who believes in faeries, who loves me enough to send me rainbows and unicorns, to lighthen my day...


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