Who plays with children who die too young?

Me and my six year-old have very serious conversations sometimes but we
also have funny ones. My little worker bee changed her mind again about what
she wants to be when she grows up. This was a very serious conversation.
She must have been thinking about it all week. My little one told me
last week she wanted to be a fireman but last night she said it was too
dangerous. Now, she wants to work in an ambulance, as a driver or EMT, to save people's
lives who are dying. I said saving people's lives would be a great job.
Whatever she does, I know she will be who she is and to me that would be
the best thing of all. That was how our conversation started last night
but she was not through with me. Sometimes, my littlest angel asks me
questions she knows the answers to, so she can stay up past 8PM, her
bed-time. She is a bit sneaky that way but she knows she will get to
stay up late if she brings up G-d at 8:05 PM. What father would ignore a
Question about G-d from their six year-old? I tend to see myself as the person in the
conversation with more knowledge on the subject but after last night, I am fairly certain
now that I am the complete novice.

I started in with my G-d is love teaching moment and she turned the whole thing around and had me
laughing and giggling by the end of our talk. My little one then asked
me why she is the only one in her school who doesn't say the Pledge of
Allegiance to the Flag; she also wanted to know who G-d was in the Pledge
of Allegiance? She knew then she had me hooked. I said there is a phrase
in the pledge that says one nation under G-d but the G-d referred to in
the pledge is not the same G-d we pray to. I then told her the G-d in
the Pledge of Allegiance is the G-d of War and we don't believe in war. I
asked her to never pledge allegiance or pray to that G-d. When all the
wars are over, perhaps then, the G-d in the pledge would be the same G-d
we pray to. My little one then said she doesn't pray to that G-d anyway
and that she does not pray out-loud because it scares her. She told me
instead that she talks to G-d on the inside. My little teacher asked me
another question I am certain she knew the answer when she then asked
who our God was and I said that our G-d is love. She said, "Oh, I know
that." She then said something that blew me away. My little one said
that her G-d is the G-d who is giving her puppy who died 2 chew toys to
play with... And then she said the G-d who is love, the one she talks to
on the inside is the G-d who plays with the children who die before
they get old... and makes funny faces for them... We laughed and I could
do nothing but agree... Here I was trying to teach my child a lesson
and an hour later at about 9PM, when she finally fell asleep, I realize
it was my six year-old who became the teacher who taught me a great

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