Nigel Potter - No More War (Upon The Green Earth) video is #1 on Living With War Today website

Dear friends of peace,

This is amazing news!

Please see the screen shot below of the Neil Young website, Living With War Today.

You shall notice on the left hand side under Protest Videos that Nigel Potter's song video, No More War (Upon The Green Earth) is now charting at the #1 position of 640 videos.

This is a demonstration of the wonderful power of our community in advancing the message we are trying to send to the world at large through peaceful, creative activism.

Since early July 2010, the Mantra of Peace music compilation community engaged in helping bring Nigel Potter's song video, No More War (Upon The Green Earth) to the top 10 of the Living With War Today video charts.

Along the way, we have shared this initiative in asking for everyone's assistance to try and continue to elevate the public conscience and awareness that we want peace for all.

Now, you can see how our efforts have gained success in achieving our hopes, plans and goals in bringing this important song to a wider audience.

Please note that Maria Daines song video for, Peace Wins The Election has also achieved great status on the Living With War Today video page also. As you can see in the screen shot below, Peace Wins The Election video is charting at #5 today. Another awesome achievement through this community initiative.

I hope this brings you, a member of our global community, to a place of peace in knowing that your co-operation and hard work in engaging in this initiative has become a reality.

In gratitude for all your time and effort spent in achieving this great result, Nigel Potter has graciously allowed me to make his song, No More War (Upon The Green Earth) available as a free MP3 download for all whom wish to add this important song to their personal libraries.

Nigel recently stated in correspondence to me about this great community effort;

"I gift the song to you and to your community. You can upload it, allow it for download, anywhere, anytime you choose."

And so, here is the link I am providing to our community to be able to instantly freely download Nigel Potter's song in MP3 format for your very own music library.

Please click on the link below to instantly obtain your copy of No More War (Upon The Green Earth) as a free MP3 audio download. No strings attached :)
Nigel also wanted to pass on these sentiments for our community;

"You can tell those who care, my words are not my words, they are the words of everyone who hurts as war blights our world.
Who cares for the causes?
All we want is peace.

My very best wishes mate


It is with deep gratitude to Nigel Potter that we have the chance to spread our messages of the want of peace for all through music.

For me, Nigel sums it all up in his song with the simple lyric, "Love can heal the world"

Peace, love and respect to all,

Paul / Zest


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