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Here's an update to our latest community initiative about the 2 music videos that are being hosted on the Living With War Today website.

Maria Daines song video Peace Wins The Election is now charting at #5 and Nigel Potter's song video, No More War (Upon The Green Earth) is charting at #8.

You can see the entire list of available protest videos for viewing;

Also, you may find these 2 videos amongst the top 10 Protest Videos on LWWT front page here;

As you scroll the page at the link above you can see the list of top 10 protest videos on the left hand side.

This is an astonishing accomplishment of community spirited cooperation.

Thank you to all that helped Maria and Nigels music reach new heights of being able to spread awareness of many issues that concern us all.


Paul / Zest

P.S. I would have provided a screen shot of the front page of the LWWT website showing the lists etc... however, I am unfortunately not able to do so because of the fact...I do not have photo editing software, so, visiting the LWWT page is the best way for now to see this :)

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Protest Videos
Top Picks:

1. Bombas - Felipe Munhoz

2. Johnny Mother Mary - Hughes-Hisle-Ronstadt

3. Bring 'em On - John Hughes

4. Prayer for America - Catman Cohen

5. Peace Wins The Election - Maria Daines

6. Stadt im Regen (City In The Rain) - Bozz Rockband

7. Fighting For - Coppermine

8. No More War (Upon The Green Earth) - Nigel Potter

9. Play Nero Play - Dionne Lennon

10. Shadow of the Czar - Mark Von Schlemme

To view either Maria Daines or Nigel Potters videos, please click on the links of their song videos in the list above :) The links will open in new browser windows :) Peace & <3

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