Please listen to these 12 songs as you ponder the prospects of peace

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The 12 songs in parts 1 through 4 on the player that you are listening to are by artists from all over the world with a message.

These 12 tracks in total were presented in the same order they appear here as on the live edition of Zest Radio Show on February 3 2007 on CKRG 89.9 FM Radio Glendon, York University, Toronto, Canada.

Paul Richmond, host of the show, extends his gratitude to all of these great artists for donating their music for this segment, The One Word Mantra Of Peace.

After the segment was released as a download to communities the world over, reaction to the music was overwhelmingly positive and filled with emotion by the listeners, and the musicians that took part in this compilation.

There has been so much positive feedback of the music and the way it flows.

The lyrics of the songs presented and the underlying music send each artists expression of their thoughts of how the world around them has influenced their choice of message in collaborations and community spirit.

Certainly there must be more people out there that need to hear these musicians music in this amazing compilation, without the spoken word element of the broadcast included. Why? Because the music in this presentation encompasses the ability to bring forth many emotions in terms of our planet, it's inhabitants and ultimately, a want for peace to prevail.

Enjoy, and please, any feedback would be welcomed by myself, the artists and the world at large.



Player track 1 includes;

1. Leonardo Taglialavore Why Can't There Be Peace ? 5:19
Copyright L & L Taglialavore 2006

Vocals provided by our friends:
Bob Lucas
Jude Grover
Gary and Maria of soundclicks "ARTYTOU"
Sooty AKA Mark Sutton of soundclicks "EARTHSCRY"
Mr. Karl Noonan of soundclicks "KARL NOONAN"
Robert and Patti Boucher
Marlon Kempmann of soundclicks "DOCTOR MEMORY"
Jim Rustemeyer of soundclicks "Artificial Earth"
Skootch Taglialavore (our cat)
Lisa and Leonardo Taglialavore

2. Gill Whitehurst Peace 4:17
Copyright Gill Whitehurst 2002
Gill Whitehurst: Acoustic guitar and vocals
Sheila Rigg: Backing vocals

3. David Elias The Blue Planet 3:49
Copyright 1998 David Elias

Player track 2 includes;

4. Artytou Why? 5:00
Copyright 2006 Words:N.Potter Music:Rogers&Craige

5. Syngularity The Earth Is Our Mother (feat. Velma Frye) 3:47
Copyright 2005 Syngularity and Velma Frye and

Music and lyrics: Velma Frye
Arranged by: Pascal

Copyright 2005 David Pendragon

Player track 3 includes;

7. East Meets West No More 6:04
Copyright 2006 Shyonen

RedEyeC (SoloGuitar)
Selftort (Vocal)
Dreamer (Lyrics and Plan. Advance.)
Shyonen(Music and Vocal)

8. Texas Jake Lee If We All Sing The Blues 3:00
Copyright 2004 Texas Jake Lee

9. Guy Michetti Don't Learn War 3:35
Copyright 2005 Guy Michetti

Player track 4 includes;

10. Nigel Potter No More War (upon the green earth) 4:38
Copyright 2006 Nigel Potter

11. Michael Weinstein and Misa Mantra of Mother Earth 5:50
Copyright 2007 Michael Weinstein Misa Hopkins

12. Maria Daines Peace Wins The Election 3:44
Copyright 2005 Maria Daines and Paul Killington

Lyrics and vocals: Maria Daines
Acoustic Guitar: Paul Killington

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