My friends, today is Wednesday and the week is moving so fast it’s hard to keep track these days! For everyone managing, running and building a business, time is never enough! Is it? It is one of the most elusive commodities.

Today, I get a moment to step back and take a closer look and find a way to concisely put a few lines together which will give you that boost you need to kick into gear with your business BUT to also deliver some golden business nuggets which you can implement the moment you read this.

So let’s start. People fall into 3 BASIC CATEGORIES when it comes to working a business
(1) Those who are supplementing their income & want to earn an extra $500 - $1000 per month
(2) Those who want to fire their bosses and reclaim their lives with $3K - $10K per month
(3) Those who want to plant their flag, build an empire and leave a legacy behind $10K to whatever ? per month

The category your select will determine the time, effort and volume of work you put into your business because for sure your effort over time will determine your results.

(1) Choose your business wisely. If you are prepared to put work into a business, and ask people to join you in business, make sure the company has the stability, money, product and track record to warrant your efforts. Too many are selecting businesses based on hype and the fad of the day. I can tell by the volume of emails I receive daily! I have seen people doing 2 to 5 different fad businesses! It’s mind boggling. Not to mention you are going to lose credibility when these fads disappear! So choose your business wisely by making a solid ‘business’ decision

(2) Time waits for no man. The saddest mistake I see is people not allocating the time for their business on a daily basis. If you are in the trenches today, that is if you are in the building phase and really ready to kick into high gear – take a little time to organize your 24 hours. Make sure time is allocated for your business and it is non-negotiable. It costs nothing to do but is worth MILLIONS of $$. Your time is your profit!

(3) Social networking is a great tool and an incredible way to meet so many people whom you would probably have never met in your lifetime! The challenge here is people quickly try to shove their opportunity and offers on others. This is a no no! Online etiquette is just as delicate as offline etiquette. When leaving a comment for people, introduce yourself, ask about them, show interest – there is plenty of time to talk about your offer! When used properly these forums can prove to be quite profitable!

(4) Work on your leadership. People want to follow those who they believe are going somewhere! Critical concept. Don’t assume that because you are with a certain company people want to join you – no! They will join those who they PERCEIVE can lead them to great heights. So crank up your leadership and start attracting people to you like moths to a shiny light bulb!

Kick into gear and make this an outrageously productive day & week. Together we are UNSTOPPABLE… OR

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