A MARKETING EXPERIMENT ~ A Reality For 180 Days~

Hi Everyone.
We are fast approaching the week-end and I can already hear cries of jubilation from many! But I am on a mission…

This weekend, I am fine tuning a marketing experiment
(a call to greatness let's say!). I am working on devising a marketing plan/strategy for a group of 25. The company is just about to launch a new skin nutrition product. One product. Top of line, green product, in tune with the environment, more skin nutrition than skin care. So a robust product. Established company. Solid track record. So those are the given parameters.

We have some variables as always. Our environment and economic climate in the USA is somewhat unstable at this time. As such, we will have to factor this in our marketing execution. So overall, some unfavorable economic times. Remember that the objective of every business is to churn a profit irrespective of the economic environment.

HERE'S THE EXPERIMENT. I am taking a group of 25 people. Developing a marketing plan in the next few days. Now these are regular folks, just like you and I, distributors, home based business folks, with regular families, and with a lot of gusto and determination to win in business. None of them has a specialty in marketing or advertising or anything of the sort. And they are not part of my team or organization. So I will not earn from their efforts! And they are not paying me. (These are what a coach would call, non-paying clients:)))

Anyway continuing, HERE'S THE OBJECTIVE: with a defined marketing plan and a micro break down on each aspect of the game plan, execution is in a methodical, systematic, controlled manner (meaning no deviation from the plan - they risk getting voted off the group). Each of these 25 distributors to add 100 new distributors to their team in the next 180 days working within the defined marketing plan and keeping in sync with the team. This would give each the foundation not only to earn a really solid income but also gain the knowledge and application of knowledge, to duplicate this exercise and generate a steady flowing residual income.

Each day of this journey will be documented for the entire 180 - 200 days and later used as a tool. Plans, progress, results, fine tuning, fights (not too many I hope!), disagreements, any votes off are all part of the game! Videos will be posted online with, daily conversations and all the fun reality stuff! I will participate like everyone else and get my hands dirtied and muddied! Not just talk the talk and crack the whip, but walk the talk.

So, I would like to invite you to follow along with me and the gang on this journey for the next 180 - 200 days! Can we keep all 25 of these participants in sync and productive at the same time? It will an incredible journey! You are invited to add any words of wisdom in marketing, planning & execution...the games begin shortly! Looking forward to your comments...

PS: There MAY BE some slots from the 25 OPEN for participants interested to join this marketing experiment and experience. This I will announce by Sunday 21st Sept 08 when we make the final cut.

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